Traveling can lead to a number of back problems especially if you’re going to stay in the vehicle for several hours.

You have to learn the proper techniques in maintaining a healthy and strong back. Some existing problems can be aggravated by assuming the same position for several hours, while other people might develop long-term back and joint problems if they fail to practice the right approaches in keeping the right posture and form.

1. Find enough leg room. If you should purchase a vehicle, try to aim for one with enough leg room especially in the back seat so that all passengers stay comfortable and avoid further physical problems. When traveling by plane, try to ask for an aisle seat or those found adjacent to the flight attendant’s chair or near the exit doors so that you have a few more inches of extra leg room.

2. Get back support. There are several items that you can purchase in fitness and health stores that will provide adequate support to your back and spine. There are rubber back supports, pillows, seat cushions, special seats and portable towels that will keep your posture and back in the right form. These items maintain proper circulation in the area to prevent pain and muscle stiffness.

3. Take breaks. Every couple of hours, take time to stand up and walk. If you’re traveling by car, take a short stop and walk around for 2 to 3 minutes to improve circulation in your back and legs. Drink water and stretch to ease your back. When traveling by plane, go to the lavatory or walk along the aisles for several seconds.

4. Travel light. Avoid carrying very heavy things when traveling to remove more weight off your back. Get strollers and other wheeled bags so that you don’t have to lift these. Maintain proper posture by bending at the knees if you need to lift heavy things.

5. Bring aids and medications. There are pain relievers and muscle relaxants that will ease the pain and tension from your back as you travel. You can also bring a hot/cold compress to apply on your back for a few minutes while traveling. These will ease the pressure and make you comfortable throughout the trip.

6. Sleep. Sleeping will relax your back and other body parts more and make the trip more bearable. It’s best to sleep adequately before your trip and take some time to exercise and stretch for a few minutes before getting in the vehicle.