Tallinn, Estonia is a historically rich place that provides you with a lot of great sights and sounds.

You can reminisce the past and relive the glory days of Russian kings and queens by visiting some of the well-known palaces, museums and landmarks. Be sure to include these places when planning your trip. You will discover a lot of art pieces and marvel at the many tales about the buildings too.

The Palaces

kadriorg-palaceKadriorg Palace was built for Catherine I of Russia. The Petrine Baroque design was conceptualized and created by Peter the Great. The German name of the palace is Catherinethal, which means “Catherine’s Valley”. The palace was made based on the designs of Mikhail Zemtsov and Gaetano Chiaveri and was completed after the Great Northern War.

Today, the Kadriorg Art Museum is found within the structure, which is also a part of the Art Museum of Estonia. Visitors can discover excellent art pieces dating back to the 1500s. The museum also has a KUMU department, which features Estonian art dating back to the 1700s. The Kadriorg Park is just adjacent to the palace and is frequented by tourists during the summer.

The Presidential Palace was built in 1938 to house the head of state of Estonia. Previously, the nation leader stayed in Kadriorg Palace during the initial period of independence of the country. Now, it still functions as the office of the President. The structure is off limits to visitors although you can still witness the honor guards marching in front and get a closer look from the parking area.

The Museums

The Adamson-Eric museum houses many creations by the famous artist. You will find furniture and oil paintings. The A.H. Tammsaar Museum is dedicated to the greatest Estonian writer, Anton Hansen-Tammsaare. The Bastion Tunnels are a must-visit place in Tallinn, Estonia where you will find defensive tunnel systems created specifically to protect citizens from oppressive Swedish rulers.

The Dominican Monastery Museum is another great place to visit, featuring chanting monks. The place was created in 1246 and is the oldest building in the country still left in good condition. The Maarjamae Palace or Estonian History Museum showcases the independence of the country.