One of the things that make traveling by air less pleasant is having to carry bulky luggage. The more items you take, the more items you have to keep track and ensure they are not lost, stolen, or left behind. Generic looking bags, for instance, can easily get picked up by other passengers in the baggage claim conveyor.

Of course, packing less means fewer or even no options, but if we pack fewer things for our journey, some benefits come with it.

You avoid bag fees.

While most carriers, especially established ones that fly to dozens of destinations, offer generous luggage allowance, some, like Frontier Airlines, charge fees even for carry-on luggage. Without an extra bag to bring along, you avoid paying such fees.

You have less waiting time.

With no check-in luggage to wait for at the arrival bag claim conveyor, you are among the first passengers to pass through the airport exits. This means you get to taxi queue first or assured you don’t miss your onward flight.

You have more convenience.

Without extra luggage tucked along, you’ll be more comfortable locating certain things such as your hotel or the correct train carriage while walking around. You’ll also less likely inconvenience others in a crowded area as without the bulky luggage, and you occupy less space.

Traveling with less luggage can be done but certainly depends on how comfortable we are with fewer attachments. So the next time you visit, examine carefully the things you usually bring if they were proven to be indispensable in your last trip. Otherwise, it’s time to pack less.