When traveling international by a Japanese airline and making a transit to Tokyo, one might assume there is only one airport that handle these flights.


There is Narita airport (NRT) which traditionally handles international flights but located further outskirts from downtown Tokyo. And there’s Haneda (HND), the bigger airport that handles domestic flights but is now also accommodating flights out of Japan as well.

This fact can bring a passenger in for shock especially that these two airports are considerably far apart.

If your flight lands in Narita and departs in Haneda or vice versa, don’t worry too much. There are a few options depending on cost, convenience and travel time. Given that there is enough time to transfer between these two airports, you should be fine.

Airport Limousine Bus
Cost: JPY 3,100 per adult, JPY 1,550 per child
Travel Time: 65 – 80 minutes
Frequency: 2-4 trips per hour

Haneda airport routes
Narita airport routes


By Keisei and Keikyu Railways with a transfer
1 transfer, 125 minutes, JPY 1,610, 3 connections per hour

1. Take a regular express train from Narita Airport to Aoto Station (60 minutes).

2. From Aoto Station, transfer to a train bound for Haneda Airport (70 minutes).

By JR Narita Express and Keikyu Railways
1 transfer, 95 minutes, JPY 3,600, 1-2 connections per hour

1. Take the JR Narita Express from Narita Airport to Shinagawa Station (70 minutes)

2. Transfer to a Keikyu train for Haneda Airport (20 minutes).