If airlines complain headphones, pillows or blankets get stolen on flights, hotels also share the same predicament.

The temptation to steal is high especially when rooms feature items that are too convenient to fit into a luggage or guests pretend to think they’re complimentary — just like the welcome drinks or free newspaper. Novotel compiled a list of ten most stolen items from hotel rooms:

No surprise here as towels are relatively easy to tucked even into a small bag. What’s more appealing is that it’s not so easy to track towel usage by guests who stay more than one night in a hotel.

Whether it’s for bragging rights — in the case of a popular hotel chain — or simply a keepsake for the future, cushions are among the main targets of hotel thieves.

Although they’re too comfortable to use, bathrobes are also thought of as complimentary items guests can take home.

TV remote controls
We find it hard to imagine why people render things partly useless — you now need to approach the TV to switch channel — without benefiting from it. Unless they have the same TV model at home and sought replacement for a remote buried in the sofa.

Light bulbs
Bulbs are obviously useful, but definitely not worth the trouble taking them away from hotel rooms.

Minibar contents
Unless they are not charged as in-room consumption, they belong to this list.

Clothes hangers
If one is too nervous to take towels or bathrobes, maybe hangers are safe bets. Remember, it’s still theft.


Bathroom display trays
Hotel bathroom sanitation issues will not deter some people from stealing these items. Maybe because this exotic piece is the final piece that completes the decoration at home.

Coffee sachets
They’re supposed to be free anyway, but hotels consider them items for sale, so there you go.

Plastic tissue boxes
They look good and we don’t have them at home or office, so you might as well purloin one.