Midnight sun is a phenomenon whereby the sun is visible at midnight during the months of summer in the northern regions of the Arctic Circle and the southern regions of Antarctic Circle. As the earth revolves along its orbit around the sun, it periodically tilts. This normally happen twice a year.

The Earth tilts towards the North Pole between March 22nd and September 21st and the region experiences full sun throughout the period. The same phenomenon occurs in the South Pole between September 21st and March 22nd. These magnificent scenes normally draw a lot of tourists to these regions throughout the year. This article will discuss some of the best locations from which you can enjoy watching this unforgettable phenomenon. You will also learn why these places in particular are recommended for viewing the what-so-called the  midnight sun.

Stockholm, Sweden
In Stockholm, the sun sets at 11:30 pm and rises at 4:30 am. The city is located where Lake Malaren joins Baltic Sea and almost 30% of it is made of waterways. The water forms a vintage point excellent for viewing the midnight sun. At the same time, you will enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty of the several islands which make up the city. Being the city with the oldest open-air museum in the world, you are guaranteed to have spectacular experience of the ancient Swedish arts and traditions during your stay at the city.

Hammerfest, Norway
In Norway, Hammerfest, a municipality in Finnmark boasts of being the north most towns in the world. This is the town where you will enjoy the longest daylight on earth. As such, there are a lot of exciting activities going on in this town that you can enjoy during the midnight sun. Here, you will enjoy watching or playing golf at the north most golf club which remains open 24 hours from June to August. The town is located next to the sea and you will have the opportunity to experience the coastal culture of its friendly and hospitable inhabitants. You will also enjoy the hunting, boating, fishing and bird watching 24 hours a day between July and August. This is where you will have unforgettable experience.

reykjavik_sunsetReykjavik, Iceland
The Icelandic capital, Reykjavik, boasts of being the North most national capital in the world. This is a city of festivals during the midnight sun periods. In June 21st, various midnight events are held. This is when the famous festival of Vikings is held. Here, you will enjoy the midnight sun in a special way. There is a lot of singing, dancing, feasting and drinks where bars remain open until 6:00am the next day. You will feel proud to be part of a rich, compact and celebrative culture.

Inuvik, Canada
The north most city in Canada, Inuvik, is another spectacular destination to experience an eventful midnight sun. This beautiful city forms the gateway to Beaufort-Delta which is Canada?s largest fresh water delta. In this town, visitors experience 56 straight days in summers. This is another place where you will have a magnificent midnight sun experience. Visitors get to participate in the midnight sun Fun Run which is normally held on the closest Saturday to summer solstice. Moreover, several festivals are held during summer. You will therefore learn a lot about northern arts and culture as you enjoy your stay in this city.

Murmansk, Russia
Murmansk city in Russia is the largest city in the north Arctic Circle. This is a place where the sun remains in the sky for weeks during summer. There is a lot partying during the period. On July 7th, you will enjoy the Kupala Day festival where locals throw flower garlands down the river, and other purifications rituals are also done. With developed air and road transportation system, you will enjoy unforgettable driving experience within the Arctic Circle and watch the beautiful mountain ranges and river crossings.