If the first order of business right after arriving in Los Angeles airport is heading directly to Disneyland as your next itinerary, you will have several options. However, it is also contingent with your other plans and your current situation.

Are you traveling with a partner or with a large family with several kids? Do you have plenty of luggage or only a set of backpack? Will you stay for a few days in the resort or spending a day is enough before hopping to other Hollywood destinations? Are you looking for the cheapest transport means or the option that provides the most comfort and convenience?

Here are your choices.

Disneyland is located 33.5 miles east of Los Angeles International Airport / LAX.

Public Transportation
Good choice: If you have 2+ hours to spare, won’t mind making changes in transport and wish to take the cheapest option.

If you have plenty of time to spare and don’t bring bulky items with you, taking public transport is a cheap way to reach Disneyland. Unfortunately, the Los Angeles Metro does not extend to LAX, but free shuttle, Bus G, will take you from the lower level arrival area at LAX terminals to the Aviation / LAX station. From there you can catch the railway’s Green Line to Norwalk station.

Upon arrival, you can take the Disneyland Express (Metro Bus 460) which drops you at the Disneyland gate. The journey, though, takes about two hours but will only cost you $1.75 per person.


Renting a car and driving
Good choice: If you are spending one day in Disneyland, in a company of five or fewer, and have other places to visit in Los Angeles.

If your LA itinerary involves multiple stops — Universal Studios, Hollywood, Sunset Boulevard, Santa Monica Beach or Griffith Observatory for example — hiring a car is a convenient way to get around. However, if you are staying at Disneyland for a few days, this means you need to pay for car hire and parking as it sits idle while you are in the theme park.

Driving from the airport to Disneyland takes a little over half an hour without traffic. This is possible if you are taking red-eye flights and arriving at odd hours. However, in most cases, Los Angeles traffic takes over so it’s best to plan an hour or two, especially during the afternoon rush hour. If you don’t have a passenger in the car, take the carpool or high occupancy vehicle lane to expedite your journey.

Driving direction from LAX to Disneyland:

  • Follow signs to SEPULVEDA BLVD SOUTH.
  • Take the I-105 E ramp.
  • Merge onto I-105 E.
  • Continue for 16.7 miles, then take the I-605 N/I-605 S exit.
  • Merge onto I-605 N.
  • Take the I-5/SANTA ANA FWY exit towards SANTA ANA (South).
  • Merge onto I-5.
  • Continue for 12.7 miles, then take the DISNEYLAND DR exit towards BALL RD.
  • Merge onto DISNEYLAND DR.

Obviously you can use your preferred GPS app or WAZE which is better at getting you off backed-up freeways as navigation alternatives.

Good choice: If you are in a hurry and don’t mind spending more just to get to Disneyland as soon as possible.

Estimated taxi fare (summer 2018) for a taxi ride is between $99 and $106 plus tip but can significantly be higher with heavy traffic congestion and when time rates kick in. Also, consider an extra fare rate if your destination (such as an off-resort a hotel) is further from the Disneyland vicinity.


Good choice: If you wish to experience the same comfort and convenience of a taxi but wish to pay less.

Thanks to Uber, Lyft and other rideshare apps, passengers have more options to take them from one location to another. Here are the estimated fares from Los Angeles International Airport to Disneyland Park, and a variety of cars and capacity.

Four-seat Lyft: $49 – $56
Six-seat XL: $74 – $86
Four-seat Luxury: $105 – $120
Six-seat Luxury: $180 – $210

Pool: $54.72
UberX: $58.90
UberXL: $85.59
Select: $124.83
Black: $172.21
Black SUV: $211.91
Lux: $242.48

Coupons are also available so check out the website of these apps for possible promotions.

Disneyland Resort Express Bus
Good choice: If you won’t mind spending extra time to wait, have a considerable amount of luggage and traveling with kids.

If you want more certainty in fares and relative comfort during travel without spending extra, Disneyland Resort Express Bus is a great choice. Departures commence at Terminal 1 and there are frequent trips available throughout the day.

One-way fare from LAX to Disneyland
Adult (12+): $30
Child (3-11): $9
Children aged 2 and below are free but need to sit on the lap of an adult.

Adult (12+): $48
Child (3-11): $14
Children aged 2 and below are free but need to sit on the lap of an adult.

No cash payment is accepted so booking online at is highly recommended as it secures seats at preferred travel schedule and avoids the hassles of preparing bills and coins for payment.

Hire a limousine and car service with driver
Good choice: If you wish to start your Disneyland adventure on a luxurious note.

With a bit of luxury and entering Disneyland resort in style, you can arrange a limo or car service with driver to meet you at the airport.

You can select a variety of automobiles depending on your style and budget: executive sedan, premium or luxury SUV or Lincoln Stretch limo and Mercedes sprinter for more capacity. For a 3-passenger trip, rates can range between $142 for an executive sedan to $315 for a limo which can accommodate up to 8 and $325 for Mercedes Sprinter which has a maximum capacity of 14.

Shared vans
Good choice: if you wish to pay less than the Disneyland Resort Bus and travel with several other companions.

Shared Ride vans are also available and have several operators such as, or They charge as low as $15 and don’t have to accommodate as many passengers as Disneyland Resoort Express bus would, making your trip depart more quickly.

You may expect to have a few stops along the way as the van may pick up passengers from hotels. But with just a capacity of nine, only a few pick up stops are needed to fill up the van.

Pricing will be more economical on a per-passenger basis if you are traveling with more companions as fare calculation varies. For example, if you enter Disneyland, instead of a Disneyland area hotel into the shuttle search engine, it will calculate the rate differently.

To the Disneyland gate, instead of the hotel, Supershuttle is listing $42 for the first person and $9 for each additional person, which comes out to about the same $17 for 4 people, and is a better deal if you have more, but it brings it up to $25.50 per person if there are only two of you.

It all boils down to comfort, convenience, and cost of travel when you depart from Los Angeles International Airport to Disneyland. We hope that the above options are good enough to help you come up with informed decisions.