It’s always a joy to travel with kids, especially your own. But it can also be a challenging experience especially for new comers, regardless whether it’s plane or train, car or anything.

Long trips can be a nightmare for fellow passengers, trying to rest on their seats while your kid starts to cry for whatever reason. Having a kid sleep on long trips is one way to ease your, or everyone else’s moment to take a break. But doing so has no straightforward tips. So we came up with these ‘tricks’ to help the young ones sleep while on a long journey.

1. Pack your child’ favorite bedtime toy.
A teddy bear, doll, or something else, having a toy comrade along for the trip will be calming and will make your children more comfortable, which is key to engendering sleep.

sleeping_child2. Relate what you see as a story.
Not necessarily reading a book, but create a story out of an experience you see. Why do people queue in line or why do we take our luggage, and maybe create a similar situation to help stimulate the kid’s thinking. Recall past bedtime stories and feel free to insert in the real-life observation.

3. Prepare warm milk and a snack of peanut butter and crackers.
Not only do kids love this combination, but the combination of carbohydrates and protein has been shown to promote sleep.

4. Plan on taking your trip after dark.
Eat dinner, pack the car, and head out with your children already dressed in their pajamas. Snuggle them up in their car seat and head down the road. Before you know it, your little ones will be blissfully sleeping, right on schedule.

5. Pack your child’s favorite bedtime CD or iPad.
We are sure a lot of parents are thankful iPad was invented as they’re effective gadgets that keep children from distracted. Also, the right music can do wonders to sooth a child. Pack a quiet album that your children know and love and when you see them getting sleepy, hit play—and then sit back and watch them relax.

6. Play the “Who Can Be Quiet the Longest?” game.
Bring along a stopwatch and see who can be quiet for the longest period of time. The kids get a kick out of trying to win and frequently they fall asleep while trying to win the game.

While we don’t guarantee these tricks will work, depending on your child’s eccentric swings or simply because they’re too young or too old for the trick, you have them to try out. If all else fails, maybe it’s also good to think what’s the best age for a child to join you on such long trips or maybe plan shorter trips to suit your kid’s comforts.