Cherry blossom viewing (Hanami) season is an eagerly awaited period in Japan.

Cherry blossom viewing season in Japan begins in the country’s subtropical south around Okinawa in early March and moves upward to Hokkaido around early to mid-May.

Japan Cherry Blossoms 2023 Forecast

Cherry blossom forecast dates in Japan are made using a combination of historical data, scientific analysis, and on-the-ground observations. The forecasting process typically begins several months in advance, as experts monitor weather patterns and temperature fluctuations across the country.

One of the key factors in cherry blossom forecasting is the “sakura zensen,” or cherry blossom front, which is the line of blooming cherry trees that moves northward as temperatures warm up during the spring. The Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) tracks the sakura zensen, using data from a network of observation stations to determine when the cherry blossoms will begin blooming in different regions.

The JMA releases its initial forecast in early to mid-January, based on data from the previous year and long-range weather predictions for the upcoming season. As the season progresses, the forecast is updated regularly, taking into account real-time observations of the cherry blossoms and weather conditions.

In addition to the JMA’s forecast, there are also private companies and organizations that release their own cherry blossom predictions. These forecasts may be based on different data sets or use different methodologies, but they all aim to provide travelers and locals with an estimate of when the cherry blossoms will be at their peak in each region.

Ultimately, the accuracy of the cherry blossom forecast depends on a variety of factors, including weather patterns, temperature fluctuations, and other environmental variables. While the forecasts can give a general idea of when to expect cherry blossoms, it’s always a good idea to check local conditions and make plans accordingly.

Prefecture Location Flowering date Full bloom date
Hokkaido Region
Hokkaido Muroran April 29 May 4
Hokkaido Hakodate April 25 April 29
Hokkaido Sapporo April 26 April 30
Tohoku Region
Aomori Aomori April 16 April 20
Iwate Morioka April 17 April 23
Miyagi Sendai April 3 April 14
Akita Akita April 13 April 18
Yamagata Yamagata April 8 April 13
Fukushima Fukushima April 1 April 6
Kanto-Koushin Region
Ibaraki Mito March 24 April 2
Tochigi Utsunomiya March 23 March 31
Gunma Maebashi March 25 April 1
Saitama Kumagaya March 21 March 29
Chiba Choshi March 25 April 3
Tokyo Tokyo March 15 April 2
Kanagawa Yokohama March 19 March 28
Yamanashi Kofu March 21 March 28
Nagano Nagano April 4 April 10
Hokuriku Region
Niigata Niigata April 5 April 10
Toyama Toyama March 30 April 4
Ishikawa Kanazawa March 30 April 5
Fukui Fukui March 29 April 4
Tokai Region
Gifu Gifu March 22 March 31
Shizuoka Shizuoka March 22 April 1
Aichi Nagoya March 21 April 1
Mie Tsu March 28 April 2
Kinki Region
Shiga Hikone March 30 April 6
Kyoto Kyoto March 22 March 28
Osaka Osaka March 25 April 2
Hyogo Kobe March 26 April 4
Nara Nara March 25 April 2
Wakayama Wakayama March 23 April 1
Chugoku Region
Tottori Tottori March 25 April 2
Shimane Matsue March 25 April 2
Okayama Okayama March 26 April 3
Hiroshima Hiroshima March 24 April 3
Yamaguchi Shimonoseki March 20 March 30
Shikoku Region
Tokushima Tokushima March 29 April 5
Kagawa Takamatsu March 27 April 4
Ehime Matsuyama March 24 April 4
Kochi Kochi March 20 March 28
Kyushu Region
Fukuoka Fukuoka March 16 March 24
Saga Saga March 22 March 31
Nagasaki Nagasaki March 20 March 29
Kumamoto Kumamoto March 18 March 25
Oita Oita March 20 March 31
Miyazaki Miyazaki March 19 March 29
Kagoshima Kagoshima March 19 March 29