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The fun in travelling could only go so far as the planning has been laid out carefully and strategically. Part of carefully planning a trip is to decide what transportation to use in going from one place to the other. Many countries have many types of public transportation readily available to its citizens and its visitors. There are buses, trains, airlines and even rental cars. It is important to take into consideration not only the comfort while travelling but also its value especially if you are on a budget. You don’t want to spend unnecessary money when it comes to transportation considering that it is not the actual highlight of your travels that why we are going to present to you options as to how to travel to Helsinki from Stockholm.

By Air
Like many places, there are many direct flights going to Helsinki via Stockholm. It is mainly operated by the Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) and Finnair; these two are usually the cheapest flights available starting from $130 or €80. Flights usually depart several times a day and are only an hour long. A good choice if you are in a hurry with a little bit more cash perfect for business people.

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By Ship
Unlike the first one, going to Helsinki through Stockholm would eat up 16 hours of your travel time with a ferry. The ships usually go out to shore from Stockholm in the afternoon and arriving at Helsinki the next morning. The Viking Link and the Siljia Line ferries can both cover Stockholm-Helsinki and vice versa.

This might sound like a very long time to just sit around or sleep. Don’t fret. These cruise lines include an on-board service such as bars, restaurants, different types of cabins and, of course, duty-free shopping.

The Viking Line are cheaper compared to Siljia Line because it uses older ships in comparison to the latter’s more expensive but more elegant cruise ship. If you are going to book a trip going to Helsinki from Stockholm, try booking a weeknight cruise ticket. You’ll also get a discount if you buy a round-trip ticket. The prices start at €40. It is the cheapest way to get from Stockholm to Helsinki but is not the fastest. Perfect for families on vacation and on holiday-get-aways.

By Train and By Car
Unfortunately there are no direct train going to Helsinki via Stockholm however you are free to look up the map of Sweden and figure out your route. If you have a car though, you would also have to figure out which route you’re going to take to get to Helsinki via Stockholm. However, if you are going to take the ferry instead and is bringing your car with you, you can do so. The vehicle rates are very reasonable especially is your going to the Viking Line Ferry. After going off the ship, you would have to drive to Helsinki City Center or Abo, Finland.