Milan and Venice are two different cities that carry their own charm and allure. Milan is more for those people who likes the city life; busy and full of life while Venice is a lot more relaxed and calm, perfect for those who want to spend their time strolling leisurely through the city. However, if you are the kind of person who wants to experience the best of both cities in your vacation then you don’t have to worry because going to Venice through Milan is easy.

Via Train
Amongst all types of transportation available going to Venice, taking the train would probably be the best option for you. The train departs from Milano Centrale for Venice every hour. Each ride would take between 2.5 up to 3.5 hours max. The trains stop along Venona and Padova but you are not required to get off and change trains.

2nd class ticket would cost you between 14-25 Euros depending on how fast your train is while the 1st class ticket will range from 21 to 36 Euros. If you took the slowest train for some reason like to take in the view or something, you don’t usually have to have a reservation to your ticket but if you are going to take the ES and the EC trains then you have to reserve you tickets. If you have a rail pass of any kind ready then all you need is to find out if you need a reservation. If it’s not then all you have to make sure that your rail pass is validated.


Via Airplane
Taking a plane to Europe would not be as expensive as many other countries however flying from Milan to Venice will be a hassle. Taking a plane to Venice through Milan would require you to get from Milan out to Malpensa for the most time during the flight which is an hour-long the wrong direction from Venice. The flight itself is around four hours. Not to mention these flights would cost you 250-350 Euros for a round-trip and 130-150 Euros for a one-way flight.

Via Bus
Italy don’t have that much national bus company in the country however, each region on the country usually has its own bus company that would get you around the cities and towns withing the region. Milan is a big transportation hub there are still none that takes you directly to Venice. The closest bus stop goes to Padova. This would probably one of the most impractical public transportation that you would want because going to Padova alone is a 5-hour long trip, not to mention it only runs three days a week from Milan once. One-way ticket would cost you at least 22-25 Euros.

Driving from Milan to Venice.
Road trips are fun especially if it is with friends but it could be a hassle considering that going to Venice from Milan is quiet far and maybe a little bit of confusing. If you are set on driving however, you might want to bring a good driving map with you to pick out the best route. The A-roads are the biggest but would come with tolls. Most of the trips from Milan to Venice are on the A4. After passing Padova, you would have to look for sighs for Venezia at the E70 and then the SR11 that cross the water from the mainland onto the island. There would be a bridge connecting Venice to the mainland both for car and rail bridge. Expect delays especially if you are going there during peak seasons.