Photos and videos are the only return tickets we have to go back and relive the memories we make, especially when we travel. Here are some tips on how to shoot, edit and share the best quality pictures with nothing but your smart phone.

Forget about GoPro the moment and let’s focus more on that handy camera also known as your smartphone.


1. Hold your phone horizontally
You want to make an amazing video or take a classic picture then you need to capture the entire landscape which requires you to hold your phone horizontally.

  • Record via Horizon and videos will default to landscape mode.
  • It also avoids the occurrence of black bars on the either side of the frame.

2. Look for Sunshine
Choose a setting that has enough light. Dark setting affects the picture quality and makes them grainy.

3. Avoid noisy places

  • If you’re in a noisy place choose to go somewhere quieter otherwise all you hear in your video will be background noises.
  • If there is no quiet place, put your hand over the mike to minimise aural distractions.

4. Use a Tripod
With a tilt and pan handle a tripod comes in handy for taking smooth sweeping shots.

5. Overdo it without inhibitions

The more the length of the video including still images, more options you have while editing.


Make use of tools that give your pictures and videos a professional touch.

1. Cameo: Filming
Cameo can stitch together new and existing footage and add filters with cool themes up to the title and credits.

2. Filmic Pro: Special Effects
With Filmic you can access manual controls of the best quality. These controls let you work on details such as frames per second.

3. VidTrim Pro: Android
Android users are lucky to have access to this great movie making app. It can shorten clips, add soundtrack and increase the resolution of your video or picture up to 1080p.

4. Fly: Editing on the go

Fly lets you rearrange images, trim video clips and create scenes that have pictures in pictures.
It’s very easy to use and provides you just what you need.

5. Cinamatic: Social Shares

If you are an Instagram or Vine addict you should have Cinamatic. It offers controls that include saturation, contrast and brightness.



  • With the availability and ease of use of personal clouds they are one of the best options to store your data.
  • They are secure and offer you privacy as they are on servers only you can access.
  • LyveHome is optimized for photo and video management. It automatically uploads, consolidates and organizes.
  • With a companion app you can easily browse it and share your files from any computer, phone or tablet.


Here are some of the apps that turn your phone into a multimedia store house with just a click.

1. iOS
Hyperlapse (by Instagram)

2. Android