Whenever you take a vacation, it’s important to know the basic rules and guidelines of staying strong and preventing disease. The trip will be more fun and memorable if your body is prepared for the activities and stays safe throughout. There are a number of preparations needed to ensure that you maintain good health throughout the journey.

1. Check the health condition of each family member. Assess the overall health of all family members going on a vacation. Children and older family members should be given special preference because they have more sensitive physical conditions. The family should go through a full medical examination before and after the trip to determine if it is safe for everyone to travel. Should any family member experience symptoms like cough, fever and pain, have him or her treated immediately. Emergency situations should be attended to immediately to prevent further complications.

2. Prepare medications. Always have a first-aid kit and medication box ready for the trip. These should include the basic medications and materials such as treatment for fever, pain, cold, diarrhea and motion sickness. Also prepare other things like band-aids, thermometers, ice packs and wrapping cloths. Check specific conditions that any family member may have then prepare the necessary materials and medications such as insulin shots, asthma inhalers, etc.

3. Plan travel itinerary ahead. The itinerary should be prepared well before the trip. Make sure that you allocate enough time for each activity. Consider the place and landscape and think of activities that the whole family can enjoy like trekking, swimming and picnicking. Also prepare the accommodations weeks before. Travelers should also get enough rest so that they can tolerate the activities and do not weaken their immune system. Also consider the capabilities and age of each traveler so that certain activities will only be done by the strongest and most able individuals. Other members should stay safe and take photos or do milder activities instead.

4. When preparing food. Food packed for the trip should be prepared carefully and kept clean to avoid contamination. Also refrain from eating street food especially when conventional wisdom says the food is not preparation is not hygienic (flies, dust, unclean utensils and improperly washed ingredients). Do not drink tap water; locals might find it fine but a first-timer’s stomach might not react the same way. Only drink from bottled water. Check a number of food places to eat when you arrive at the vacation spot. Always practice good hygiene and prepare the food carefully, ensuring that it stays fresh and clean throughout.