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One of these weekends, experience Davao’s picturesque landscapes, pristine beaches, wildlife sanctuaries and diverse culture with both natural and man-made attractions like white sand beaches, majestic waterfalls, and interesting parks.

Arrive on a Friday night to maximize your vacation.

Day 1 (Friday Night)
Stay at Jack’s Ridge Resort & Restaurant located at the mountain slope of Shrine Hills in Matina. Part of the Japanese forces’ headquarters during World War II. It’s a great spot to begin your Davao journey with its distinctive and panoramic view of the city.

Taxi fare from city proper to Jack’s Ridge is about P150.00 ($3.35).Or, take a jeepney with route Matina/Bangkal/Ulas and drop off at crossing Shrine Hills. Fare ranges from P8.00 ($.17) to P15.00 ($.33). Then ride a tricycle to take you to Jack’s Ridge.

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Day 2
Go visit Philippine Eagle Center. The center, managed by the Philippine Eagle Foundation, provide sanctuary and protect a number of Philippine Eagles and other birds, mammals, and reptiles. Entrance fee for adults is P50 ($1.12) and P30 ($.67) for visitors 18 years old and below.

Drop by the nearby Malagos Garden Resort, a 12-hectare nature theme park. It is an accredited wildlife farm with attractions include such as a butterfly sanctuary, a bird park, waling-waling forest and a zoo. Entrance fee for adults is P100 ($2.23) and P80 ($1.78) for children.

The Island Garden City of Samal is blessed with idyllic white sand beaches and interesting underwater marine resources. Swim at the Kaputian Beach Resort, Samalan Camp & Sea, Canibad Resort, Maxima Aquafun Resort and of course the famed and luxurious Pearl Farm Resort. These resorts offer different types of amenities and water activities that will suit whatever floats your boat.

Take a jeepney to Magsaysay Park then ride an Island City Express Bus to Samal (P30.00 or $.67). Alternatively, go directly to Sasa Wharf; take the RORO across gulf of Davao.

Experience the Monfort Bat Cave Sanctuary located in Barangay Tambo, Babak District. The place is home to an estimated of 2.4 million fruit bats known as Geoffroy’s Rousettes. Entrance fee is P100.00 (US $2.23) per person plus an environmental fee of P5.00 (US$.11).At Babak, take a habal-habal to Monfort for P20.00 ($.45).

Take a dip in the cold water of Hagimit Falls, a relatively small but picturesque tiered waterfall covered in lush vegetation about two kilometers away from Poblacion Peñaplata. Entrance fee is P40.00 ($.89) and P5.00 ($.11) environmental fee for the maintenance of the park. From Penaplata Bus Terminal, ride a habal-habal to the location.

Explore Tagbaobo Ecotourism Site, enjoy the beauty of the community’s natural attractions and experience the way of life and culture of the Sama tribe, Visit Tagbaobo Falls, and go snorkeling, diving, and more. Homestays are also available in the community. Do not forget to try their amik, a local delicacy, and their local coffee made from corn. From Penaplata Bus Terminal, take a bus to Kaputian and take a habal-habal from the terminal.

Day 3
People’s Park
People’s Park is a 4-hectare family-friendly park featuring a durian-shaped dome and is decorated with sculptures of Kublai Milan, a renowned artist in Mindanao and is open to the public for free. People’s Park is located at the corners of Camus and J. Palma Hill Street right across Casa Leticia, locals will be happy to point it out to you if ever you get lost.

Visit Davao Crocodile Park. It offers collections of different species of birds, mammals and reptiles including “Pangil” – one of the country’s largest captive crocodiles. They also offer exotic dishes like crocodile sisig and crocodile ice cream. Entrance fee to the park is P200.00 ($4.47) for adults and P100.00 ($2.23) for children.

Before going home, try Lachi’s Sansrival atbp. Lachi’s is known for the best sansrival in the city both the original sansrival, and the durian. They also offer good durian and green tea cheesecakes.

Also try the Pakfry at Palovince Place. Pakfry is tuna buntot (tail) cooked in vinegar with spices and deep fried it to crisp the skin. Palovince Place is featured in the book Linamnam by Chef Claude Tayag.