Imagine you just arrived in a city, prepared with your itinerary and all. And then a heavy downpour spoils it all.

Thanks to global warming, weather has become more unpredictable as ever, not to mention the extreme ones that occur more regularly these days. Since weather forecasts are available only within a week or so, travel plans that are almost set can suddenly get disrupted. Therefore it comes handy to be prepared for any eventualities when it rains, when you lose your luggage or flight gets delayed.

This time we explore Finland’s capital, Helsinki on a rainy day.

Naturally, we all seek the shade when going out of Helsinki on a rainy day. Umbrellas are helpful but it is generally unpleasant when you’re touring the city on a rainy day. So looking for a covered venue is the best alternative.

1. Helsinki Olympic Tower
This tower, which measures 72.71 meters (the distance covered by javelin throw gold medal winner Matti Jarvinen in 1932 Olympics) allows you to get a good view of the city, especially that Helsinki is generally flat. You will also find the Sports Museum of Finland, where you can get to know Finland’s sports history

Entrance fee:5€ for adults, 2€ for children (6-17 years); With the Helsinki Card: €3 for adults, children 6-17 years €1.


2. Serena Indoor Water Park
When visiting Helsinki on a rainy day or during winter season, weather is frigid and daylight hours limited. But you can still enjoy getting wet at Serena Water Park, Scandinavia’s largest of its kind. It is located in Espoo which is a suburb of Helsinki. This water park features indoor water slides, saunas, heated pools and many other facilities.

Tornimäentie 10, 02970 Espoo, Finland. From the Kamppi bus terminal in central Helsinki, it is a 30-40-minute bus ride aboard bus 339T, which will drop you off in front of Serena.

It is important to check the schedule (click here) before proceeding; outside of summer months, this facility is open only on weekends and holidays.

Operating hours are 12 p.m. to 8 p.m.