Helsinki is a great place to travel to and it should be on your itinerary. Here’s how you can spend 72 hours in Helsinki.

Post Museum
This museum focuses on the history of the postal service in Finland. It’s actually a very interesting museum to visit and it shows the evolution of the service through the years.

Museum of Contemporary Art
Up the street from the Post museum you’ll find the Museum of Contemporary Art. If you like this sort of artwork then it’s a wonderful place to visit. There a very extensive collection of contemporary artwork.

National Museum of Finland
There’s a lot of artifacts in this museum and everything is explained quite well so you can follow along in a chronological manner. If you like history and museums in general, this is the place to go.
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Finnish Museum of Photography
On the far western edge of the town you’ll find the Finnish Museum of Photography. There’s a good collection here with a primary focus on Finnish artists and their styles.

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Sinebrychoff Art Museum
You’ll find portraits and old paintings at this museum. It’s the only one that has a focus on the older European artworks.

Punavuori Park
Near the Sinebrychoff museum is nice little park that is well worth visiting. You’ll find places to get a snack or a cup of coffee. After your walking adventures, this is a good place to take a break.
Right near the Sinebrychoff museum is a nice little residential park worth hanging out at. There are a lot of little coffee shops around, so you can grab a snack and just relax. After a day of walking around so much of Helsinki, you’ll probably need it.


Bank of Finland Museum
This museum shows the history of money in Finland, but it also covers modern finance and finance in general. There’s some great exhibits at the museum.

Helsinki Cathedral
Nest to the museum you’ll find the Helsinki cathedral. This is a very inspiring structure and one of the best ones in Scandinavia that you want to see.
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Uspenski Church
This is a nice church which overlooks the city. It’s red and massive and quite impressive to see. It has gold crosses and large domes and a wonderful sight to see in the city.

Helsinki City Museum
There’s’ great photos descriptions, and exhibits here that you’ll want to see. This is perhaps the third best museum in all of Europe

Central Market
In this market you can have local food and get some souvenirs too. The soup kitchen is quite good and you’ll find meats, fish, cheese and nice pastries as well.

Esplanade Park
This is a nice park to have a lunch at and there’s street musicians in the warmer months playing here as well as places nearby to grab a bite.

Kaivopuisto Park
This is another park you’ll want to visit and it has a nice view of the harbor too.


Visit the Island of Suomenlinna
There’s an old bastion fort here and it can take up to a half day to see it all. It was built in 1748 to defend against the Russians. It’s a park and residential area now with some nice beaches as well.
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Visit the Harbor Islands
There are other islands in the harbor that are well worth visiting as well. There are tours you can go on if you wish and you’ll get 20% off with a Helsinki card if you have one.

You can of course, do as you wish in Helsinki as there are tons of things to see and places to go. The area isn’t cheap, so you might want to get a Helsinki card which will save you some euros and you get free transportation around the city. Food can be expensive too, so budget your money wisely. Some restaurants have lunchtime buffets which can fill you up for the day. There’s pre-made meals at the Stockmann supermarket for about five or six euros which you can take with you on your travels. Helsinki may not be on everyone’s radar when traveling, but this is an excellent area to see and well worth the trip.