Taj Mahal Tourists. Photo credit: www.flickr.com/photos/saad/334924410/

First time travelers are often the most anxious, so there is no surprise they research itineraries, airport transfers, phrasebooks and local culture the longest.

But not all of them do it. Others, notably seasoned travelers, are confident they’ll be able to overcome each destination just like they did in previous journeys. But as a word of advice, take India as an exception. By reading this article, we hope that you’ll avoid unpleasant India holiday experience other travelers would sometimes classify as horrible. 

Taj Mahal Tourists. Photo credit: www.flickr.com/photos/saad/334924410/

India Hygiene Tips

You may have heard about upset stomach experienced by travelers to India. Here are some tips to avoid sharing the same experience of these travelers.

  • Arrange health insurance policy. This is especially helpful if you are into outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, scuba diving or prolonged exposure to elements. Also, having enough cash to pay for bills helps you from using ATMs on places they don’t exist.
  • Bring along vitamin pills. Vitamin C helps maintain resistance to ailments brought about by or sudden weather changes such as  monsoon rains or sweaty daytime weather.
  • Use squat toilets. Using this may be against your will, since you’re not used to doing this. But this method keeps any part your skin from touching any part of the toilet. Of course, when using Western-style bowls, keep it hygienic by wiping the seat with wet tissue.
  • Stay away from street food. While you’ll feel local by eating what locals eat and do what locals do, take India as an exemption. This is not a note of disrespect but rather a precaution for a stomach that is not used to such food preparations.
  • Drink only from bottled water. Tap water may upset your stomach and in the process it’ll ruin an otherwise a  great adventure trip in a country blessed with rich culture. Also avoid taking ice cubes, fruit drinks or liquids that may be easily infected.
  • Wear skin protection. If possible, wear light long sleeves and long pants when going to dusty places or frequented by insects. Apply sunscreen skin protection and wear a hat to overcome heat fatigue.

India Technology Tips
India may be home to some of the brightest minds in the field of science and technology, but it doesn’t always translate in many of India’s cities. 

  • Bring international adapters. Some cities do not share the same standard such as in electrical outlets. For example Delhi uses electrical outlet different from that of Jaipur. If you’re a frequent traveler, getting one universal adapter helps you avoid this mess.
  • Bring extra batteries and charge them every night. Sometimes it is difficult to presume that the next stop in your itinerary offers the same expected amenities so stocking up on power is a life saver.

Visiting India is a great idea to many who are fond of exploring its vast, diverse culture, historical places and its people. However, by taking our advice hopefully you save yourself from troubles and enable you to stick with your plans.