Ranking as the second busiest metro in Europe, the Paris Metro has become an emblem of the City of Light. It is known not only for its density of tracks and stations within the city, but also for its uniform architecture. Numbers and colors are used to identify lines on maps. Planning and construction for the extensions of certain lines is also underway and will only result in making transport within Paris smoother.

The main aim for the Paris Metro is to provide independent travelers with cost-effective Metro packages so that travelling is made easier, and there exists a convenient means of going on tours and excursions.

Opening Hours
Usually the Metro begins rendering services from 5.30 AM and comes to an end at 1.15 AM. However, on Fridays, Saturdays and on any night before a holiday, the services continue until 2.15 AM. On events such as New Year?s Eve some tracks, such as 1 and 4, are open all night.


1. Paris Tours. From the Paris Tours, some of the top-selling packages include the Paris Visite Pass and the Paris Museum Pass. For the Paris Visite Pass, prices vary depending upon the number of zones that shall be included and the number of days for which the pass is going to be bought. For instance, a one day adult pass, covering Zone 1 to 3 costs $21.10, while for children it costs $10.50. On the other hand, the Paris Museum Pass has three options: a 2 day pass, 4 day pass or 6 day pass, and prices range from $70.69 to $119.63. It should be noted that the Paris Visite Pass provides unlimited use of the Bus and Metro Network.

2. Paris Vacation Passes. The Paris vacation passes can cover the following services: provision of occupancy with breakfast and a tour of the city. Different packages are suited to fulfill different requirements for travel. For instance, Unforgettable France, for $1999, consists of a mix of Culture, Art de Vivre, and Gastronomy. It may also entail the provision of a 9 days and 8 night stay at a 4* hotel. It also comes with the deal that if you purchase 10 tickets, you shall get one free ticket. The Lily Pond, the Gourmet Market and the Chateaux of France are some of the places that can be toured as a part of this package.

3. Paris Holidays. Packages that fall within this category mainly provide the purchaser with the tour of a particular site. For example, the Louvre Museum Walking Tour, priced at $76.76 for an adult and $69.51 for children (till the 31st of October 2014), is a 3 hour-tour which allows the purchaser to skip the long never-ending lines by booking in advance.


There is so much about Paris Metro. Look for promos, coupons and cheap packages online and book them months before your excursion for a cheaper price tag!