Fes, or Fez, is the oldest Imperial city in Morocco. The old town, Medina, is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the place is frequented by backpackers and tourists because of its mysterious and rich history. There are so many reasons to visit Fes and you will discover how unique it is compared to other places.

There are plenty of good reasons to visit Fes, such as experiencing Moroccan culture, discovering great food, good music and unique art right on the streets. Going around Fes el-Bali is also relatively cheap and accommodations are comfortable and affordable. Many tourists include the place in their itinerary because it is quite different from all other places they’ve backpacked before. You can also find a lot of great souvenir items, decors and carpets that are intricately made without costing much.

Getting to Fes

Going to Fes can be done via airplane, bus, train, taxi or car. If you plan to fly, there are a number of airlines serving from Paris-Orly to Fes. You can also take a bus if you’re only traveling light. If you wish to experience the local culture more, try going via taxi. The cost of traveling by bus or taxi is also relatively cheap. Going by train is also ideal depending on your place of origin. You can take the train from Casablanca, Marrakech or Rabat. Some people drive and take the toll highway instead.

Attractions and More

You can visit the religious schools or Medersas in old Fes, particularly Medersa el-Attarine and Medersa Bou Inania. These places show a lot of excellent woodwork, art and special crafts. The Karaouiyine mosque is a must-visit place which features a university, said to be the oldest in the world. You will witness a lot of ancient structures and pieces around town because Morocco is one of the oldest places that still holds on to old traditions regardless of how much the world has changed.

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Other places to see include the Roman ruins at Volubilis. You should also go to the Merenid Tombs. Going up the rooftops in Fes, as well as visiting the various narrow streets, will reveal a lot of great items and displays. You can also go to The Mellah and the Jewish cemetery. Try out some of the great food items in the area. Food is relatively cheap and accommodations are comfortable. Going around the streets is safe and you can find a lot of friendly and hospitable people in the area.