When spending time, money and energy on travel, one naturally hopes that all goes smoothly and that every moment is as enjoyable as possible. Here are some tips for maximizing the enjoyment of your travel experience.

  1. Plan a loosely structured, flexible itinerary. While itineraries may seem the best way to maximize time, one that “fits too tightly” can backfire on you, leaving you not enough time to fully absorb what you came to enjoy. If one destination on the itinerary calls for more time spent, know which scheduled activities can be flip-flopped or crossed out to make room.
  2. Book your flights early from a website such as Expedia.com or Priceline.com so you can get a better deal and have a little more spending money for your trip.tourists_lake_mountain
    Photo credit: www.flickr.com/photos/magnusvk/
  3. Research ahead of time the famous people who have lived or currently lived in the area to lend a sense of history to your exploration. Perhaps if they are movie stars, it will be exciting if you see them!
  4. Bring your favorite travel-appropriate clothing and accessories so that when you look your best, you feel your best. Coordinate outfits with activity-appropriate shoes ahead of time.tourist_camera
    Photo credit: fplh.blogspot.com
  5. Know the temperature range that you’ll be dealing with. In Colorado, temperatures can jump across a range of up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit in a day, requiring sandals at lunch and a heavy coat in the evening. Come prepared with climate-appropriate gear.
  6. Pack some food with you. When traveling, the expense of eating out at every meal adds up and it may not be obvious where the economical restaurants or grocery stores are. Perhaps you have favorite food or snack items that might not be sold where you are traveling.
  7. Study a relevant language manual before departing and carry it with you. If you are traveling to where whose locals speak a language other than your own, you will absolutely benefit from being able to communicate around basic needs, e.g. buses, trains, restrooms, food, drink, accommodations, etc.
  8. Go off the beaten path. Tourist destinations, no matter where you are, eventually all start to carry an energy of sterility and reality-but-not-quite-so. Gain a more authentic perception of where you are by visiting nooks of the city that are not full of tourists. Talk to locals, and express a genuine respect and curiosity for their home and culture. Be considerate and humble.