The United States of America is one of the countries that are difficult to get into. From visa approval to stern security checks, America can be very hard to penetrate. Nonetheless, whether you are staying for good or just a temporary visit, there are some things visitors ought to know about traveling to the United States, which is hailed as the ‘world’s shelter’.

Do create a travel plan that is realistic. United States is larger than Europe, and so, planning to see all of the cities and do too much will merely lead to sensory overload. Travel selectively, and from there, explore the city deeply. Consider renting a car for multiple state road trip.

Do tip. The premise of tipping depends on the state. Some states make tipping mandatory while some others are optional. Do tip for a good service as majority of the workers’ wage, particularly servers depend on the tip.

Do control smoking. Smoking is banned in most states in America especially in the following places: California, New York City, Washington, Chicago and San Francisco.

Don’t be late. Get your appointments on time, and don’t go to formal sessions without getting appointments. Americans do take punctuality very seriously, and being late is considered rude.

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Do talk naturally. You don’t have to pretend you are a ‘Native American’. Do not use slang terms or curse words especially if you are unsure of their meaning. Although curse words may be often uttered in the said country, but unpleasant conversation might offend anyone you encounter which could start a rumble.


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Do observe traffic laws. Traffic laws and regulations in the United States are strictly imposed. Make sure to come to a full stop if the red light hits on and only drive until the light turns green. Likewise, observe proper speed limit.

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Do not ask for toothpicks. In restaurants, refrain from asking toothpick. Americans use dental floss when cleaning their teeth and rarely, use toothpicks.

Don’t forget to bring credit cards. Americans are frequent users of credit cards not only in paying goods but also in verifying identity.

Don’t overstay. Staying in the country for more than what is required is punishable by law. Punishment can either be you going to jail or deportation.

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Common blunders people make when visiting the United States include not greeting ‘good morning’ or ‘good evening’, not expressing country’s interest and sticking out tongue for others.