Sightseeing in places like Helsinki are best enjoyed when a tourist opts for using a cruise ship for this adventure. Other than the comfort it offers, it has provides the best lateral view possible expanding the optical range and giving the viewer the maximum look at the horizon and the near scenery.

A tourist will just have to be ready with the best shot at hand to make the best memories of this once in a life time experience. Basic information for new comers is that the ships will most certainly dock at the terminal in the southern side which is at the middle point of the city. To leave or reach the terminal one can either walk or board a train. To the city center, 1a, 3b and 3T are the now that can be used and the last two numbers circle the city center either way. Depending on your choice, you can use a single train or connect from one to another.

Other than the southern part where ships harbor there is also the western one that serves the larger ships and is about two and a half kilometers away.

The area can be accessed by ship from the British Isles and it is recommended to access it during the months of June through July until the first days of September thus making it even more convenient to cruise lovers and enthusiasts.

Helsinki being a spacious haven of beauty, history and serenity also doubles as a convenient walking place for sightseers and trotters. For a detailed visit of sceneries throughout the city, the Helsinki card is recommended that incorporates 120 minutes with a trained guide on a tour wagon.

On the flip side you can chose to purchase a single day tourist pass that is acceptable on any means of public commuting throughout the city. Such passes can be obtained from the automated machines stationed at the train stations and from the drivers of the public transport systems when getting into them.

The languages spoken here are either finish or Swedish though a good number of people in this city can also communicate in above par English. However it is even more polite if a visit can attempt to throw into his conversation a word or too in the Finnish language for example hey can be said as ‘hei’.

Here the mode of exchange used is the euro. In case one has other currencies then exchange can be done at the Central Railway station as the main place and others too that this latter can direct others to. They are always operational from the 2nd day of the week to the 6th day. Accessing cash is not hard since there are countless automatic teller machines.

For mailing, onecan reach Elielinaukio district where the GPO is located. The library in the city based at Kirjasto also comes with an extra package of internal access. Pohjoisesplanadi is the place where the main tourist office at Helsinki is and its only yards away from the Senate is usually accessible each day of the week from 9am. This is where a tourist can get the pass/ticket for travelling to Suomenlinna Island and also any other information required during the visit.