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It’s possible that part of our 2020 plans shared during Christmas and New Year’s Eve parties are places and experiences we plan to tick off the bucket list. Just less than a couple of months later, we found ourselves transform from feeling anxious about our booked hotels and tickets to scrambling to get back refunds or regroup and alter our previous dates and itineraries.

That’s how quickly coronavirus has transformed travel, and basically the way we live. Social distancing is a norm, seeing everyone wearing a face mask is not unusual, and seeing the number of cases and deaths in various countries in the news has become a part of our daily routine.

Empty airport. / https://twitter.com/kclepley

There are many more important things in life than traveling for leisure. We have to ensure family members are safe and healthy, we have to secure food amid panic buying, and we have to work hard to keep our jobs. But while we are taking care of them, we can also think about our travels, past, and future and be better organized in planning them.

Review and organize travel photos

Taking photos is a common routine during your travels. However, after posting select ones on social media, the remaining ones linger on your mobile phone, and untouched until you upgrade your phone. They’re tomorrow’s classic shots a phone damage away from getting wiped out.

You can either have them printed and neatly arranged into a photo album. Or save them on the cloud for easy digital access whenever you need them. For future celebrations. Throwback photos on social media. Or recalling something special about that place you visited.

Create a travel journal

It would be nice to remember your journeys over the years. Some have been put through great stress to carry out. Others involved last-second dash to the airport, or creativity when facing problems — money, language, directions — and realize such thrill and excitement only come with our travel experiences.

We can compile these photos in an album with brief descriptions next to dates and place labels. Or create a digital version with blog details or short blurbs. You’d be grateful in the future you spent time documenting these journeys. Time passes by so quickly, we’ll be reminded of this travel journal when we’re too old or too busy to plan our trips.

Find ways to book trips cheaper

For an optimist traveler, this crisis will be over, though we are unsure when. In the meantime, the situation will give us more time to plan where to go, and what to do. This coronavirus crisis may result in airline company closures and shutting down certain routes, but it could probably offer great deals to lure travelers to go out and explore the world.

The travel industry is no doubt one of the worst-affected sectors in the midst of this coronavirus crisis. Above all enjoyment of travel and gaining experiences is our health and well-being. But this situation won’t prevent us from