A survey by booking website hotels.com of 4,700 people from 28 countries has revealed who are the ones most likely to check out with hotel items in tow.

And it seems that Latin America is a continent that has extreme behavior when it comes to taking away hotel items.

Argentinians, survey results showed, are most likely the ones taking away hotel properties, with 73 per cent of respondents saying they do. On the other end of the list is the Colombians, 69 per cent of whom say they had never taken away hotel items upon check out.

The survey specified which items are not expected to be taken away as stationery, bed linen, cups, slippers and bathrobes. Bathroom accessories such as shower gel, dental kit and toothbrushes, often considered complimentary, were excluded.

After Argentinians, Singaporeans (71%) and Spaniards (70%) are the next likely people going to steal hotel room properties. After them came Germans, Irish, Russians and Mexicans.

Next to Colombians are Hongkongers, South Koreans, Danes and Norwegians with 67 per cent saying they do not leave hotel room with the specified items.

Stationery was the most favored hotel freebie, followed by slippers and misplaced hotel room keys.

Top 10 Nationalities Most Likely to Steal Hotel Items (Hotels.com survey)

Argentina – 73%
Singapore – 71%
Spain – 70%
Germany – 68%
Ireland – 67%
Russia – 59%
Mexico – 59%
Italy – 57%
Japan – 56%
USA – 53%