People looking to backpack in some of the most exotic countries should also pack in a few strategies to cut costs and have the best time. Here are some of the top places around the world when it comes to the most fun yet cheapest backpacking experience.

Cheapest backpacking in Asia

1. Indonesia. You can enjoy beautiful beaches and lush rainforests in many parts of Indonesia. Some of the great places include the Harau Valley, Sumba Island and Tangkahan Village. Trying the elephant trek, bathing in rivers and waterfalls and lounging on the sand do not cost much in these spots.

2. Turkey. There are so many parks and historical villages to explore in Turkey. Backpackers can have the best experience at under $35 per day.

3. India. Experiencing the mystery of India can come cheap since there are low-cost lodges and inns to stay in. Eating street food will also help you stick to the budget.

4. Thailand. Visit the various temples and the Grand Palace in Bangkok. Food in small shops and restaurants are relatively affordable. You can try Thai cuisine at a very low price.

Cheapest backpacking in South America

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5. Peru. Starting from Lima, you will find that tours and treks are relatively cheap. You can view the ruins and spend some time at the beach without hurting your budget.

6. Costa Rica. Hiking in the national parks will show you beautiful volcanoes, lakes and the Caribbean culture at a very low price. Tourists can see exotic animals and sights at under $50 per day.

7. Argentina. Watch the majestic lakes and glaciers in Argentina at less than $20 per day. The place is also bustling at night and you can dance and dine in restaurants and clubs at low rates.

Cheapest backpacking in Europe

8. Poland. Compared to other European nations, Poland offers backpackers very low rates when it comes to food and accommodations. You can go around towns and visit castles at a budget of $30 per day.

9. Georgia. Located in Eastern Europe, Georgia features very old villages and churches. It is very rich in culture and is a favorite among backpackers since they can witness its beauty at $30 to $40 per day.

10. Ireland. Another great place to go backpacking is Ireland, which features breathtaking views of the ocean. You can also go around Dublin, its capital and try the native delicacies at affordable prices.

11. Albania. It is a great alternative to backpackers who wish to go to Greece or Italy but lack the budget. You can view architectural wonders and know more about European culture at a low price.

Cheapest backpacking in Africa

12. Uganda. You can watch exotic animals and natural wonders at $50 to $80 per day.

13. Ethiopia. One of the most beautiful places in the continent, backpackers find it pricier than usual but worth the trip. You can go to tranquil beaches and forests at under $100 per day.

Cheapest backpacking in Australasia

14. Australia. Backpackers who like to see rare animals and meet friendly people can go around the various states of Australia. Food and lodging are cheap and you can get by at $30 per day.

15. New Zealand. Located beneath Australia on the map, backpackers can experience captivating marine wonders and see a wide array of flora and fauna in New Zealand. The food is good and cheap and you can travel around at a budget of $30 per day.