Valentine’s Day is one of the few times in a year when you can brainstorm about the most romantic and creative ideas to make your partner fall in love with you more. One of the best approaches to further kindling the romance is celebrating Valentine’s Day in a castle.

Some people can only dream of getting married in a castle but spending a day or two in one can really be an experience of a lifetime. Here are some reasons why.

1. It’s a castle!
Spending a day in a castle is almost a good enough reason to sweep your partner off her feet. A castle resembles royalty, power and romance. Many women dream of being a princess in a fairy tale — and celebrating love day in a castle will make her feel just like one. You can pretend that you’re a king and queen and explore the different parts of the castle. Find out more about its history and the great people who used to live in the structure.

roch_castle_pembrokeshire2. Beautiful scenery.
A castle is strategically placed on top of a hill or a place where the views are great and naturally romantic. You might have a great view of the city or countryside. You can also enjoy the fresh air and observe the green meadows, rivers and mountains surrounding the area. It is truly a great place to spend the whole day in.

3. Love and luxury.
There are castles that offer great accommodations and a whole lot more such as Roch Castle which will provide you with a wide array of services and features to complete Valentine’s Day. Some castles today have been refurbished so you can dine in the restaurant and spend a whole night in one of the lavish rooms. You can choose from a number of rooms where you can truly feel like royalty.

4. Great service.
Spending Valentine’s Day in a castle will provide you with efficient and top quality services unlike any other place. A place like Roch Castle will be full of friendly and helpful staff that will be ready to serve you meals, wine or champagne and anything else you might need in the room.

5. It’s memorable.
You will find that celebrating Valentine’s Day in a castle will truly be memorable. Take photos in different parts of the castle. Have a candlelight dinner and enjoy a bubble bath with your loved one. Have some cocktails while enjoying a view of the city at night. Being in a castle is one of the best things you will ever try.