A lot of people find it difficult to take candid shots of people at different locations and times because there’s the self-conscious feeling of being watched or judged.

Whenever you request to take photos of someone in real time, it’s difficult to strike the balance between getting the shots you need and being intrusive. Many people might ask permission to take someone else’s photo but the entire realism is compromised because the subject is already conscious of being focused on. On the contrary, taking photos of people without asking permission first will also lead to trouble for some.

There are a number of steps that will allow you to take candid photos without the usual problems. One of the common approaches involves shooting without using a viewfinder. Commercial photographers will require a model release. Some subjects can easily get angry for being featured without prior permission.

Another approach involves befriending individuals that can be the subject of your photos. This allows you to take real moments and capture everything that’s transpiring at that very moment. In a public scene, the approach might prove to be challenging because the time that the subject might spend in the area is very limited.

Some of the steps that candid photographers need to follow include being aware of people’s rights. Privacy should never be intruded and the location you choose for the photos should allow you to take the actual shots. Second, you should also be aware of the circumstances that are happening in the particular community where you’re shooting. Also find the right ways to introduce yourself and to clearly explain the meaning of the photo and respective subjects.

Some of the common questions to consider include knowing the particular person you’re representing, the story you’re trying to share and where the photos will be posted or forwarded. Also consider your answer if the subject might ask what the photos are for and why you have chosen him or her to be part of the photo. Also be ready for different situations and let others around know that you’re trying to take candid photos so you can get the emotions and situations in the most realistic way possible.

Make sure you only spend a limited period of time taking the shots. Some subjects do not like to waste time so know what you need and capture the scene as necessary. Building your reputation in the community will help get quick candid shots.