Colorado is one of the few states to legalize cannabis and pot without a medical reason. Locals and tourists are free to partake and get stoned however getting said products aren’t as easy as it sounds. There’s a catch in everything that’s true and here’s how to manoeuvre this situation i.e. get high.

Places that sell cannabis and pot products are called cannabis dispensary
Just because Colorado legalized weed doesn’t mean it’s easy to get them, as most businesses are mom-and-pop ownerships. And not all dispensaries offer retail services, some only accepts medical use so be sure to check which is which before going out to buy. High Times magazine’s Weedmaps has a website that can help you locate the nearest facility that offers cannabis to tourists.

Bring hard cash
Most credit card companies are wary of running afoul of federal law because of the difference between state and country laws. Most dispensaries have ATM machines nearby but it pays to be prepared. An eighth of an ounce of “bud,” the term for leaf, will cost between $40 and $60. You can only buy 1/4 ounce at a time from each dispensary but if you want you can visit more facilities to get your fix. The maximum you may possess is an ounce.


Treat Cannabis like booze
Just like buying booze, you will be asked for ID pass to make sure you are of legal age. You are also not allowed to buy for minors, displaying it or smoking it in public no matter how many people you see doing it. Remember you are a tourist and not a local so don’t try bending the rules. You are also not allowed drive under influence or have an open container of it in the car with you.

Be careful where you smoke
Most hotels have a no-smoking policy, breaking such rule might garner you a fine or be removed from the building. Smoking outside, whether on your balcony, rooftop or elsewhere will also give you fine for public use. Bring a vaporizer or buy one from the dispensary.

You don’t have to know everything about cannabis but knowing the basic stuff is good too.
Most dispensaries have knowledgeable clerks who can explains the ins and out of the cannabis system and can walk you through the whole process of selecting your choice to lighting it up and where and when you can and which one suits your taste. They also have menus or binders with explanations of various strains and blends. However, you can’t ask for samples of the wares and so knowing the main varieties of weed makes a difference. It is recommended that newbies stick to the main varieties or a second degree hybrid of two main varieties unless they want to spend their time in a daze.

Don’t ever attempt to take it out of state

Don’t even try to take it to federal lands such as the Rockies or other nature parks too. That is unless you want to be pulled over and experience the prison cell.