Norway is ranked among the top countries with fastest broadband connections. And with ubiquitous free wifi — coffee shops, trains or shopping malls — it sounds tempting not to avail of mobile network on your phone especially that it’s quite expensive and a bit less straightforward to obtain one.

But when you travel in Norway, there are almost always places where no such freebies exist. Imagine if you are in the middle of a scenic mountain or a colorful backdrop of a hiking trail or majestic angle overlooking a fjord and wish to impress social media friends, or wish to get easier navigation throughout a predefined itinerary (we have a solution to this, though), having a phone no data connection can be a frustrating experience.

So you decide to buy a data sim card, locally known as Kontantkort, in Oslo, Bergen or any other city in Norway upon arrival.

There are several SIM card brands available although only two companies own them. This usually does not matter to newcomers and tourists in Norway since performance is excellent and that usage is only for brief period of time. But foreigners coming to Norway are required to provide identification such as passport, address in their home country and address of their hotel / accommodation in Norway once they buy the sim card.

The SIM called Kontantkort is available for NOK 49 online or discounted to NOK 25 (including 25 NOK credit) at a lot of retailers, you can find here. If you do not have a Norwegian personal ID number, you will need to register and activate at the point of purchase. A 0.99 NOK start-up fee is charged.

Top-ups can be bought in shops or you can top-up at their website valid international credit cards. You can check balance by sending SMS to *150#. This service is free and is available in English.

Default data rate is 1.99 NOK per MB. They offer these monthly packages for data with a max speed of 20 Mbit/s:

  • 300 MB: 49 NOK, activation: data 300
  • 1 GB: 79 NOK, activation: data 1000
  • 3 GB: 149 NOK, activation: data 3000
  • 6 GB: 219 NOK, activation: data 6000

Packages can be bought online from your credit or by texting the activation code to 06160.

Additional information

  • Tethering is allowed
  • APN: internet

You may buy this card at convenient stores such as 7-Eleven and get assistance from store staff. By the way, shop attendants in Norway speak excellent English so no need to brush up on Norwegian. You may need their help in activating your mobile data plan. Registration is necessary so prepare to have a copy of your passport for verification.