While Brunei is considered largely as Islamic

Brunei is quite possibly one of the best kept secrets in Asia. Where many backpackers have gone on to holiday in overly popular places like Bali or Bangkok, few have ventured into Brunei, which is considered one of the richest countries in the whole world. Brunei is chock full of royalties, elite residents and expats who have moved to this rich nation earlier to retire in total comfort.

While Brunei is considered largely an Islamic state, it is by no means an extremist state. This means that there are hardly occurrences of acts of terrorism in this nation where the financial system is relatively well-maintained and its people rather well-off in terms of employment and lifestyles. Backpacking in Brunei is made more pleasurable thanks to these facts.

Although an Islamic state, the people of Brunei adopt an open-minded approach and live quite happily with each other despite the fact that they practice different religions. Muslims live in harmony with Christians and Buddhists, and each will gladly conform to their neighbor’s religious and cultural way of life, i.e. holidays, celebrations and other events. English is widely spoken throughout the country, thanks to the booming tourism sector.

Backpacking in Brunei can be an exciting event especially with so many attractions to visit. Unlike its fast-paced neighbor Singapore, Brunei is considered more like a balanced Malaysia, therefore you’ll be able to experience a good degree of modernity and natural beauty at the same time. The Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque, the Royal Regalia Museum and Jerudong Park Gardens are only some of the major attractions you will encounter during your stay. For those who prefer to venture into the great outdoors, activities such as kayaking, hiking, windsurfing, swimming and scuba-diving will suit them very well. Don’t forget to visit Kampong Ayer or the water village in Brunei that will delight you no end with its old world charms!