Business travelers can get preoccupied with presentations, meeting strategies and other business-related stuff, leaving nothing much for leisure planning.

That is why we compiled a list of websites and smartphone apps that are aimed at supplying you with necessary local info, getting things done efficiently, or simply kill time between flight delays and lull moments.

1. Worldwide Tipping with Globetipping
Unsure of how much to tip your hotel porter in India, waiter in China or massage attendant in Thailand? Globetipping iPhone app has idea on how much to tip these service-oriented people across more than 200 countries; or if tipping is necessary at all.

Hotel Tonight app2. Same Day Hotel Booking with Hotel Tonight
Why worry about where to stay in a city, if you have Hotel Tonight, which list down hotel rooms available for booking later in the day. It also allows you make a booking using your mobile phone. Available hotels are in the United States, Canada and many parts of Europe.

3. Track Frequent-Flyer  and Loyalty Programs with AwardWallet
Just when you think you can monitor your loyalty rewards program on your own, while traveling, think again. AwardWallet helps you track your air miles, hotel loyalty and frequent-flier programs and prompts you to use them before they expire.

4. Free Text and Voice with Viber
If roaming charges are constantly surprising you in your mobile bills, it’s about time to exploit the power of the Internet and make free calls and SMS worldwide — to people with Internet access — using Viber. In addition to free calls and text messages, Viber also allows photo and location sharing.

5. Currency Exchange in a Snap with XE Currency
Whether you’re often involved with currency exchanges or simply comparing how much a pint of beer costs between this new city and back home, you’d love to make use of XE Currency’s currency conversions and historical currency data.

dropbox6. Share Files with Dropbox
Sometimes, it is inevitable to work with multiple machines, so keeping track of documents and versions can be hard. Good thing there is Dropbox, a facility that offers 5 GB worth of free storage online and access files wherever you are.

7. Find Wifi Connections with Wi-Fi Finder
Don’t get caught in a middle of an online engagement (email, saving files online, etc) and suddenly lose your precious wi-fi connection on the road. Let Wi-Fi Finder help nearby locations and manage them. You can download it for free.