With lots of blue highways and rural byways, California offers one of the best experiences for road trip. As the third-largest state in the USA, California offers lots of places to stop by, and scenery to make the road trip memorable and worthwhile.

For help on the road, travelers may contact California Road and Recreation Atlas, where they will get the answer for the question ‘What’s over there?’ California Road will also provide with help if travelers are stuck. There are several roads in California which are suitable for road trips, and travelers can choose the one that fits their needs.

The Pacific Coast Highway runs through the entire length of the state. However, some of the best views are those from LA to Santa Monica, and of course, Malibu. There are not many oceanfront views as those that the Pacific Coast Highway can offer. (Map)


Starting from Lake Tahoe, the Sierra Vista Scenic Byway passes through several pine forests, alpine lakes, the tufas of Mono Lake, and beautiful springs galore. The views are simply amazing, and worth spending a road trip on them. (Map)


Route 66 is also known as the ‘Mother Road’. Driving on it, passengers can expect to see retro relics, and vintage motor lodges. Route 66 is famous for bringing refugees, starlets and hippies to California. (Map)


Commemorating the 49ers who came to California searching for their luck in the gold rush, Highway 49 (map) passes through several Gold Country towns, including Nevada City and Placerville. Also along on the road, enthusiasts will meet old west mines, restaurants, housing inns and museums.

Avenue of the Giants is a 32 mile, two-lane byway passing along some of the tallest trees on earth. In the early morning, the sunlight provides unique experience in the Avenue of the Giants. (Map)


Trinity scenic byways or Highway 299 will take travelers across some verdant forests and alpine lakes. (Map)


Tips When Going on a Road Trip

Going to a road trip is an adventure like no other. However, it is not just simple as waking up in the morning and deciding to go for a trip. Road trips require some planning, and taking care of some essential stuff before leaving.

  1. Cars need to have proper check up before hitting the road.
  2. Travelers must clean their car before they hit the road, and clean it during the trip as well (every couple of days).
  3. Bring at least a basic repair kit (screwdrivers, vice grips, bailing wire, etc) to have minor issues on the road fixed before mechanics step in. Don’t forget the spare tires too.
  4. Having a plan is good, but enthusiasts should not stick to it 100%. Some delays are inevitable. Thus, it appears to have a loose plan as flexibility comes in handy.
  5. Anticipate trouble spots at all time is crucial to successful trip, and sometimes, travelers can use the help of a satellite radio.
  6. Limit number of hours of drive in a day — preferably less than 12 hours. Have a relief driver if needed or adequate rest breaks in between long trips.
  7. Skip junk food. Do not rely on roadside shops that sell lousy array of treats. Bring your own food. If needed, have a cooler in place in the car.