August is a peak time to travel partly because of the school vacations  dry weather, and a few other reasons. However, visiting a place during this month may not be ideal. Huge crowds, unpleasant weather or extra expensive airfares and hotel rooms spoil the thrill and excitement of a (mostly) summer holiday travel.

Let us check out which places are ideal to visit — considering mostly the weather conditions.


  • Europe welcomes millions of travelers, visitors and holiday makers from around the world during the month of August. To those who wish to avoid big crowds and expensive air tickets or hotel rooms, you may wish to skip Europe’s big cities for now.
  • The climate of Europe during this month is amazingly favourable for travellers. Only a few areas such as Andalusia, Southern Italy and Greece are affected by extreme heat.
  • For people who are looking to relax and enjoy the natural beauty, the beaches of the Mediterranean coast are the best choice.
  • Crete and Italy have great beaches and exquisite countryside that you can visit during this month.
  • Northern European countries such as Ireland, Scotland and Holland are very cold and damp during the winters. Therefore travelling them during the summers is ideal.


  • August the last month you should plan to visit Asia. During August the monsoon season in Asia is at its height.
  • With exception of a few regions such as Kerala, Tamil Nadu in India, Bali and the southern islands of Indonesia every other place is hot, moist and extremely humid to travel.
  • Tibet has a great climate during the month of August and is a great place to travel.


  • During the month of August the Maghreb Countries are flourishing with tourists from all over the world.
  • Due to the influence of the ocean the Atlantic coast of Morocco has a very pleasant climate during this month.
  • Southern Africa is wet with rain during this month.
  • In countries like Kenya and Tanzania the comparatively pleasant climate in August make it a good time to visit them.



  • The deserts in western USA are extremely hot during August making it a totally unfavorable time to travel there.
  • Northern America is generally hot and dry.
  • Central America has short rains during this month.
  • Southern America has favorable climatic conditions during this month so if you are planning a trip to America during August, focus on the countries lying in the south.

The months of July and August are very popular among the tourists. Most of the travel destinations offer a great welcome to the visitors coming from all over the world in terms of climate. However as they are the peak travel seasons in most of the countries travelling in these months leaves you at a loss of two things: money and peace of mind. Due to large number of tourists the prices rise up and you almost end up spending double of the actual cost. Plus the rush adds to noise and crowd making it difficult for you to enjoy and have some privacy.