Bus is one of the cheapest transport options of Bangkok to most places, specifically it is widely utilized for traveling to Phnom Penh. Though an in demand service, most tourists don’t know the requirements to ride the bus, so here is a detailed list to help you get on the bus without much hassle.

Make sure you have your e-visa stamped.
You can apply for an e-visa at  https://www.evisa.gov.kh for 40 USD inclusive of all fees. Citizens under Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) such as Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam are exempted. You will get your response within three days of sending your application. Or you can get one at the crossing, which is cheaper for 20 USD and takes at most 30 minutes to an hour to process. Print two copies of your e-visa, one for arrival and one for departure.

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Secure your ticket at Ekkamai bus terminal.
Take your passport and e-visa with you when buying tickets, the agent will want to check them for official process. You can buy bus tickets at any major ticketing outlet or at the bus station itself. The Ekkamai eastern bus terminal is at Soi 63 on Sukhumvit road. Tickets costs around 750 THB. There is only one bus per day so it is suggested you book in advance as bus schedules might change without prior notice. Currently the bus leaves at 5 am. The bus ride takes a total of 16 hours with plenty of stops along the way.

How to go to the bus terminal.
To get to Mo Chit terminal you can take a tuk-tuk to the nearest bus station and take a taxi to platform 106. The bus arrives 30 minutes before departure time, it is better to be early to get good seats. Fare for taxi is around 65 THB and take 15-20 minutes from Sukhumvit line. You can also take a cab directly but the fare will be bigger.

The bus
Vietnam bus has lots of legroom and is fully air-conditioned. The bus also has toilet amenities on board. Once seated you are offered water, a snack, juice and a blanket. Lots of short stops also allow you to sight see at same time stretch cramped muscles. It takes around 10 hours to arrive at Poipet border. The staff will hand out cards with information of the return trip.

The border
The border opens at 6AM and you will have to pass through Thai immigrations. After passing through immigrations, you will be led to Cambodian immigration to get your passport stamped. The process could take up to 3 hours. You will have to wait for the others to get cleared at the immigrations before boarding the bus again. You will reach Wat Phnom in six hours.