Aside from being the provincial capital of Aurora, Baler has been known in the past years as one of the surfer’s paradise in the Philippines.

More than that, the place has been recognized by Yahoo! Southeast Asia as one of the “top surf spots” in the country in March 2013 due to its perfect, laid back location. Baler is situated in the east coast of Luzon, facing the waves of the Pacific Ocean. In 2009, Google has identified Baler to be included in the topping list of the most recommended beach destinations in the Philippines.

Baler is also one of the top tourist destinations because of how history was preserved. Some historical sites can still be found in the place, and anyone who visits Baler can deeply imagine how life was back then. Below are some of the great attractions that a tourist can find in Baler:

*Sabang Beach – this is said to be the paradise for surfers. It is located at Barangay Sabang in Baler and is approximately five minutes away from the Baler city proper. There are different resorts in the area that can provide food, relaxation and shelter during a vacation. Throughout the year, Sabang Beach can accommodate anyone. Both beginners and expert surfers and swimmers will enjoy the area, as well as those who just wanted to do sightseeing.

*Lukso-Lukso Islets – located off the coast of Barangay Zabali in Baler, these famous rock formations comprised of at least three islets and are called by the locals as “lukso-lukso”. The sea that surrounds the islets is a great site for snorkeling and diving during calm season. The spot can be reached within approximately 30 minutes by riding a tricycle and a motor banca.

*Baler Bay – another surfing spot that is being visited by a lot of surfers every year is the Baler Bay. Baler Bay has even been used as a filming spot for the 1976 movie “Apocalypse Now” and since then, the place has been known to the surfing sport. Due to great surfing conditions, Baler Bay has been the location of Aurora Surfing Cup held annually.

*San Luis Obispo Parish – This Baler Catholic Church is famous for its historical significance. It is known to be involved in the Seige of Baler during the Spanish era. Today, a lot has been improved in the place but the authentic details inside the church are still visible and highly appreciated.

*Dicasalarin Cove – a white sand beach that can be found in the secluded part of Baler where the foot of the Sierra Madre mountain meets the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean. However, at present, there are no resorts or any amenities that can help you with accomodation. Nevertheless, What stands out in Dicasalarin Cove is the beauty of nature and the harmony that it brings.

How to Get There?

– The Genesis Transport Service is said to be the only transport company that provides transportation directly from Metro Manila to Baler. Its earliest trip is at 1:00 am and the fare costs less than 400 pesos.
– You can also take a double ride by riding a bus heading to Cabanatuan Terminal and from there, you have to ride another bus or take a van to get you to Baler. You will be spending the same amount.

No matter how much it would spend to have a vacation in Baler, it will all be worth it.