Are you planning on embarking on an exotic honeymoon trip? Look no further than Asia, home to some of the world’s best-known resorts, natural landscapes, and hospitable people.

There are many ways to enjoy Asia as your honeymoon destination of choice. Whether it’s basking in the sun-baked beaches, embarking on an enchanting heritage journey, getting pampered at spa resorts, or taking the railway ride of a lifetime, the sky is the limit.

But from all these options, we pick the cream of the crop, places to pay a visit and start a promising married life.

Spa and beach experience in Bali, Indonesia

There’s a reason why Bali remains one of the most popular destinations in this part of the globe.

Pristine beaches, a wide array of choice resorts ideal for those intimate moments. Although this beloved island is the destination of choice for local and foreign tourists during summer months, there are many ways honeymooners can escape the crowd. There are romantic beach villas, eco-tourism spots surrounded by lush rainforests, and other majestic natural backdrops.

Sightseeing in Halong Bay, Vietnam

Allow yourself and your spouse to view the breathtaking Halong Bay in Vietnam. From Hanoi, you begin your journey by passing through peaceful scenery as the countryside and farmlands offer exotic vista that is proudly Vietnamese. On-board be overwhelmed by the sights of oddly shaped islands, floating villages, Sung Sot cave, and interact with friendly local folks.

All in one adventure in Singapore

Singapore offers a multitude of options in a city that’s well-known as a melting pot for various cultures, notably Chinese, Hindu, and Malay. Enjoy modern life while continue to appreciate local heritage and a variety of genuinely Oriental cultures. If you fancy picnic in the open air, then register yourself for a fantastic sky diving program, mimic locals as they partake of popular street food, or take a romantic dinner overlooking the spectacular sunset at Mount Faber, the choice is yours.

Perfect relaxation in Maldives

White-sand beaches, swaying palms and warm, crystal clear blue waters make Maldives among the world’s most romantic honeymoon destinations. Imagine diving in the sparkling waters, relaxing at a blissful couples spa treatments, or dine of freshly-caught seafood with your loved one as the sun goes down. Heavenly.

Shopping in Hong Kong

Haven’t got enough from the usual wedding gifts and wish to splurge a little bit more for the new family? Hong Kong offers the best shopping destination in Asia. Hong Kong shops provide a wide variety of goods, from electronic gadgets and bespoke coats for him and luxury shoes or bags for her, open until close to midnight and do not have taxes other places usually charge. From cheap buys in Mong Kok to premium spots in The Landmark or The Elements, Hong Kong has something to offer for all shopping tastes and budgets.

Spas and Hot Springs in Japan

Japan offers a multitude of options for a well-deserved honeymoon hot-spring relaxation experience. There are plenty of resorts scattered across Japan, each offering a distinctive level of needs but assuring the same spa-style of pampering. Whether it’s resort-style hotels that offer shiatsu massage treatments, family-run inns serve more personalized care. A scenic resort that allows you to view the sun dipping on the horizon makes a relaxing hot-spring holiday in Japan an unforgettable intimate honeymoon encounter.

Railway travel in India

Maharaja Express offers the most luxurious train travel in India. With rail travels originating and ending in Delhi, which lasts between 3-8 days, Maharaja Express has multiple itineraries that allow you to pick journeys to India’s most popular destinations or experience authentic Indian culture. Be surprised to wake up in the morning, arriving at a new classic destination.

Ski Trip in Korea

Asians honeymooners who wish to experience real snow adventure don’t have to leave the continent to do so. Korea offers many ski resorts that are scattered throughout Gangwon-do Province, the region that gets the most annual snowfall. Equipped with the latest facilities and offering an array of slopes, there is always a special place for everyone — what a way to keep the fire burning in an icy wonderland.