Located in the Netherlands Antilles, Aruba is a beautiful travel destination. With its white sandy beaches, picturesque scenery and brilliant Dutch houses painted with pastel shades against a tropical backdrop Aruba has a lot to offer you especially if you are a first time visitor.

Transportation: Cab fare is fixed starting at $5.50 USD. Ask the driver and he’ll show you the fares. They don’t use meters. A one way ticket for the Arubus will cost you $1.50 USD and $2.50 for a two way trip. For a longer trip, buy a smart card.

Accommodation: Aruba is an expensive destination. A night guesthouse will cost $45 per night, while a night at the hotel will cost you $200. You can also stay in houses of locals who warmly offer their apartments or spare rooms for much less.

Food: Lunch and casual meals cost about $15 USD and drinks and dinner about $30 USD.

Activities: Jet skiing will cost you $65 USD per hour, parasailing will be for $60 USD for 60 minutes and two tank scuba dive will be for $90 USD.


  1. Do not convert U.S. money into Aruban money as people in Aruba prefer USD. Also use a Visa or Mastercard instead of American Express.
  2. Eat Local: Instead of some fancy restaurant try eating at local food joints. The food is not just delicious but reasonable as well. You can also buy food from supermarkets and cook it up.
  3. Travel Off-season: You can enjoy low prices in accommodation and activities during September and November.
  4. Get free stuff: Do your research and prefer hotels that offer free use of snorkelling equipment, free breakfast and organized excursions.

Pack the following on your trip to Aruba among others:
– Flip flops
– Swimsuit
– Shorts
– Tank Tops
– Lip balm with SPF
– Sunscreen
– Sweater/jacket

Aruba is situated 12 degrees 30′ north of the equator and the weather is tropical with a fairly pleasant temperature of 82F / 28C which should give you an idea of what to wear comfortably.

In addition to the beach must-haves, Aruba is a very laid back place so smart casual clothing with natural fabric of silk, cotton or linen is a commonly adopted dress code.

One thing to note is that it is prohibited to wear military/army/combat-themed clothing or print in Aruba. Day time wear essentials include t-shirts, sarong, shorts and sunglasses at a time when visitors often spend time on the beach, dine out at restaurants or visit the markets.

Pashminas and light sweaters are also worth bringing as nights in Aruba, especially those close to beach resorts can be a little cooler.

You may bring three sets of footwear: one evening pair, another for the beach, and a pair of comfortable walking shoes or sandals.

Bring adequate amount of sunscreen lotion as it is expensive to buy locally.


Among others there are some activities you should definitely try.

  1. Scuba Diving- There are a few dive sites such as the Antilles wreck and sunken airplanes just off Renaissance Island.
  2. Kayaking – For a relaxing way to explore Aruba’s coast, try kayaking. Many hotels offer their guests free use of kayaks. If you’re the one paying then it’ll cost you $25 per hour.
  3. Sailing – Outside of diving, sailing is probably the most popular activity here. For the best experience, take a sunset cruise on board a catamaran or hire a skipper.
  4. Golf – Expect to pay up to $160 USD for a round at the island’s Championship Course, Tierra Del Sol, or just $30 USD for a round of 9 holes at the Aruba Golf Club.
  5. Hike Hooiberg –Standing over 500 feet tall, this is the perfect place to look over the island and get panoramic pictures.
  6. Rent a quad –A quad really lets you get off the beaten track and explore some of the smaller beaches and jungles on the island.

Eagle Beach
– a family-friendly beach which offers white sands in a wide strand that’s the longest on the island connecting Manchebo and Druif. Ideal for those who wish to engage in water sports activities, including snorkeling and diving excursions, and for families with small children who prefer zoning out under the shade of swaying palm trees, palapas or umbrellas.

Palm Beach – a tourist-friendly beach located in the sandy shores of the west, in a two-mile stretch that offers plenty of space for people watching and napping on a float bobbing amid gentle waves. It is home to glamorous hotels and accessible to water-sport facilities, restaurants and shops. At night-time this area transforms into an upbeat venue for fun-seeking resorts visitors.

Arashi Beach – The resort has excellent with calm water. While the beach has white powder sand, the reort has no facilities close by, although it has upgraded with palapas and beach huts that offer shade for beachcombers. It is pretty spacious for those who bring cars to park, but it’s also closely accessible by car or taxi. If one prefers to walk, it is a mere 10 minutes away from the last bus stop on Malmok.

Druif Beach – Druif Beach has excellent conditions for swimming with its calm waters. It has broad stretch of white powder sand and close to hotel acommodations. It is also accessible by public transport and private cars.

Plan your trip smartly and you will have a lot of fun in Aruba!