We’re not going to make it sound heavenly – getting stuck on an airport sucks.

Flight delays occur due to the following most common reasons:

  • Maintenance problems. You don’t want to fly when your airplane isn’t air worthy.
  • Extreme weather conditions. We bet you don’t like to fly during air turbulence.
  • Long haul flights on bigger planes can take up close to an hour of refuelling.
  • Overcrowding in air traffic. If the plane lands late, it’s likely its departure’s delayed.
  • Aircraft servicing. Cleaning crew could hit a snag if an incident took place in a prior flight.
  • Security issues. If a passenger is ordered deplaned, along with his or her luggage, expect delays.
  • Medical issues. If a passenger is in need of medical attention, delays happen.


But if your flight’s delayed, it’s delayed, rather than bragging about it here are some ways you can enjoy you time.

1. Drink away time
Okay, it’s an obvious way to kill time, but it’s also a great way to deal with all the stress caused by a delay. A couple of margaritas or juices and some sides at the airport and suddenly waiting at the airport might not seem so bad.

2. Have some fun games
Play games with your family/partner you are stuck with, get the inner kid out of you and roam around the airport dodging other travellers and reaching first to shops on the airport. Stuck alone? When will the phone come to some good use? Take out your phone and play games from the millions of games the app store has to offer and kill hours of time instantly.

3. Watch game
So, this may perhaps be the best way to be entertained if you are at stuck at some other airport, grab a cup of coffee and maybe some muffins and have a look around at the traveller passing by at the airport, you’ll surely keep finding interesting people all around the airport. Sit back and relax and watch all kind of travellers and maybe play a game of guessing “who’s from where”. Good luck trying to figure between a Chinese and a Japanese passenger.

4. Pamper yourself
The rest of the chairs with foot stand support, lay down, close your eyes maybe for couple of hours, and change positions because these chairs also make a great massage companion. If you are lucky enough to be stuck on an airport with a spa or a massage parlour, take a trip and get relaxed which would easily burn a couple of hours.

5. Have a food court fest

Begin with listing down what is your personal favourite to what would you want to try as for the specialty of what place’s airport you are on. Start with a food bang of all that food you know better than to eat: Steaks with mashed potatoes from T.G.I.F, half a dozen donuts maybe from Dunkin Donuts, a big mac perhaps from your all time regular McDonalds, a slice of New York pepperoni pizza, a Whopper from Burger King. And you might want to buckle up after this crazy food fest as the ride in the plane might get a bit bumpy after all of this.

6. Do some late shopping

Buying new stuff for yourself makes you feel better and it surely can take a lot of time and it can be fun as well. You can mostly window shop and maybe go for the products you think you forgot to pick while rushing for the airport, a toothbrush, a cologne/ perfume or other everyday essentials. Duty free shop can get you a lot of essentials under one roof and the price is always the best at duty-frees and well it will burn your time and get you ready as well.

We do hope that while airport delays can be frustrating, you’ll be creative enough to make the most of it.