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Airbnb is now slowly building itself up as one of the most popular mode of vacationing. In comparison to staying in hotels, it offers a more exciting and unique way to spend your vacation because it offers a more personal atmosphere during your stay in a very reasonable rate. However, there are a couple of things that one should remember when trying on this type of lodging, here are a couple of them.

Be informed

Hosts are there to make your stay as pleasurable as possible however, there are limits in which a host, which is still a person, could accommodate your needs or even tolerate certain mannerisms or personalities that you have. Therefore, it would be goo to learn about your host’s preferences and personality in order to know what is expected of you as a guest and to also make a decision if you are willing to adjust to the host as well.

Also, after you enjoyed your time, write a review about your host. It would help future customers to make a wise decision about their hosts and to also notify the host themselves about certain areas in which they can improve upon. If there are more pressing problem on your host, try and e direct to them about the problem, don’t complain publicly.

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Respect each other

Everyone has their own time in which they want to be alone; when working, sleeping or even just plain alone time. Make sure to respect their quiet time as much as you would like for them to respect yours. If your hosts wants to sleep at 8 and you want to sleep at 12 in the morning watching TV try and be respectful by turning the volume at low in order for them to sleep peacefully on their beds.

Also try to clean up after yourself. Remember: you are a guest at a home. You are living with strangers who welcomed you with open arms and the least that you could do is to keep your quarters and even the whole house clean or even cleaner than how they left it with.


Don’t ask to pay in cash. When you paid for the services of an airbnb there is also percentage on top of the reservation fee in which pays the hosts on their hospitality. Don’t try and be pushy about showing your gratitude by paying them in cash. The reason why there is already a percentage for the payment of the host is to protect the both of you in case anything goes awry. If you really want to show your appreciation, a simple gift or a note would suffice.

Be on time always

Hosts have their own lives besides catering to your needs. They may have work or extracurricular activities that they would like to do. In order to be polite and be respectful of their life, let them now when you are planning to arrive and when you are planning to leave. Don’t adhere from your scheduled time as it may have a conflict to any plans that they have after you leave or arrive.

Make necessary adjustments

If you are sharing a house with your host make sure that you let them know about your plans about your trips. Where you are going and when you plan to arrive back to the house. Your stay would be smooth sailing if your hosts know exactly what you are going to do on your trip. Also try and arrive before 9 pm, it is the scheduled sleep time of the hosts.


Using Airbnb (signup and get up to $37 on your booking) has changed the way we look at hotel accommodations. We can now truly experience home away from home and not be confined to a large bedroom with little else to offer besides bathroom and a tiny cupboard. But as Airbnb guests, we also have responsibilities to our hosts.

As much as we care for cleanliness in our own homes, we must also extend this care to out Airbnb accommodation, not only to preserve good online rating as guests, but as a way of respect and gratitude for the trust these hosts offered by opening their doors to us.