Many couples dream of getting married in a castle. If you’re planning to have your reception in a real palace, there are a number of establishments that offer packages. Find out more about the advantages that come with castle wedding receptions to help in your decision. Spending a little more on a rare location will make the celebration all the more memorable. 
1. It’s memorable. 
Getting married in a castle will easily make it a dream wedding, considering that you have the perfect backdrop and environment. Every woman likes to feel like a princess or royalty on her big day which is why celebrating in a real castle makes the party very grand. Castle weddings are also very unique and you will like looking at pictures decades from now with much fondness. 
2. It’s luxurious. 
Castle weddings also usually come in packages in which guests can stay in luxurious rooms and feel how it is to live in a real palace. There are butlers, champagnes, authentic paintings and works to admire everywhere. Getting married in a castle will make you feel like royalty and you don’t have to add much to the surroundings to have a grand celebration.
3. It’s spacious. 
Celebrating your wedding in a castle will generally ensure that there’s room for everyone. There are ballrooms, grand dining tables, gardens and big hallways to accommodate all guests. You can take photos at various parts of the place. You can also host the party indoor or outdoor depending on your personal preference.
4. It’s convenient. 
With a castle wedding, you don’t have to think much about the theme. The style is actually very versatile so you can think of different motifs or dress up anyway you prefer without having to change the environment much. 
Photo credit:  Belfast Castle Weddings

5. It’s historical.
Spending some time in the castle will tell you a lot about its history and background. You can learn much about the royals who used to live in the palace as well as witness many rare and grand artifacts. Castle weddings will be great for families and children. It can be a very educational once-in-a-lifetime experience for all guests.
6. It’s a vacation. 
Castles are usually located in remote tranquil places away from the hustles of city life. When holding a wedding reception in a real castle, you can enjoy the rest of the day or even spend a few days more just admiring the peaceful scenery. There are castles with a beautiful view of the hills, rivers or sea. The architecture and gardens offer a honeymoon destination in themselves that you will appreciate much.
There are several other things to look forward to when getting married in a castle. Check the various packages and offers until you find the perfect spot.