Saving money while renting a car is possible if you can spend less than what you could be paying, and taking advantage of offers that might otherwise be unavailable on well-known, popular car hire brands.

Here are some tips on how to reduce expenses when you rent a car.

Stay away from national car hire chains and look for local brands

Look for cars without big national chains to independent agencies like Payless and Fox Rent a Car. These agencies usually have lower operating cost thus reducing the cost of their rented cars with 15 to 30 percent in comparison to Websites. You might also want to try out another unfamiliar agency which is called Sixt, a German agency that started operating in the Southeastern US. One of the good things about unknown agencies is that they tend to give the most discounts to even the most known car brands in the world. For example, a Mercedes C-class cost $38.81 a day in late May at the Orlando airport Sixt branch.

Search for virtual discounts

Search for discounts and coupons on various websites like or simply type in the name of the rental company and coupon code into Google and see what discounts that you can avail if there is one. Normally, rental car companies offer discount codes to their members with frequent flier programs and other organizations that they partner with. You can also try and combine discount codes with a coupon code.

Track rates through

This site is very helpful if you want to have lower rates and coupons updates. Autoslash continually checks these things until your trip date and can be used to track the price of a rental book else were and, if you want, you can also book your rented car to the site itself. However, if you are planning to book there, there would be a limited inventory due to many financial issues with major companies and Autoslash due to the fact that many customers tend to change or cancel car resevations anytime without penalty.

Avoid renting at the airport

Given the convenience and time efficiency on your part, car rental companies based there are likely going to charge more than their less conspicuous counterparts. Airport locations usually tack on fees that could raise the price by 30 percent or more. Try the off-airport locations that are typically cheaper.

Reserve the car for longer than you need it

Before anything let us explain, renting and booking a car longer than you need it and returning it on or before it is due would actually lower your rate. This would work well for leisure travellers who are more likely to travel on the weekends. The idea is tricking the system into thinking your are booking a two-day weekend rentain that normally has a lower base rate and returning the car earlier than the due date.

Negotiate for further discounts

Ask for discounts even after you got the car. Some companies are happy to put you in a bigger or less popular car for the cost of a compact as long as it benefits them.


Prepaying rental cars takes on the same page as booking hotels. According to the search on weekly rentals at Boston Logan International Airport, prepaying the car would lessen the rate of about 430 or more. Many companies offers big discounts to travellers who are willing to prepay before getting the rental car.

The key to saving money when you go for car rental is prior research. While different cities may exhibit a variety of players, price range and other factors in the car hire market, the above tips generally apply to all.