You must have heard negative posts on travel review sites about bad hotels. It’s no longer a secret what signs that classify a hotel as substandard. But how do we characterize good hotels? Is it good enough to serve you soft pillows and carry your luggage without expecting tips?

Here are other typical tell-tale signs that your stay in the hotel is just an ideal situation.

Staff offers genuinely warm service.

Cut the pretentious smile and special attention accorded to occupants of most expensive rooms. A good hotel exudes warmth of staff, not because they’re paid to be hospitable, but because guests are treated the way they should be, from little things like offering things they anticipate you will need and not because you asked for them.

Staff offers honest information.

Hotel staff are among the most well-versed about local information. They tell you which local tourist traps tourists should avoid, insider information on best places to go (best places to view the sunset, best places to propose to a girlfriend, and so on). In an age where restaurants and local tour companies could bribe front-desk staff into including them in the itinerary, tourists appreciate honest piece of information.

Staff extends extra assistance in case of emergencies.

What will your hotel do in case you missed the flight and need to stay one more night? How does it respond to a medical emergency? Incidents like these are sometimes beyond their service to you but prompt attention is always a hallmark of a good hotel experience. They don’t have to squeeze you in if they’re really fully booked but, at least, they’ll try to arrange for your accommodations on a nearby hotel.

Guests feel at home.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you’re staying in a hotel as though it was your home? When you wake up and shower, your breakfast is ready, complete with complementary morning paper, shoe shined and smile from the ‘housekeeper’? Many hotels claim of ‘home away from home’ but do not practice it in reality. Those who do, unfortunately, are going to charge a fortune for such experience. Indeed, there’s no place like home.

They are located at convenient places.

Although somewhat a luxury these days, only five-star, expensive hotels occupy the most convenient part of town. But since we’re talking of good hotels, it doesn’t matter whether they’re on a shoestring budget or only fit for a king. Obviously, hotels with great location saves time, money and effort to do a lot of things such as shop, reach attractions and faster transport connections.

They are clean and orderly.

Do we need to mention this? We think so. Good hotels are clean hotels. From dining halls to washrooms, hotels that exude positive characteristics must have got these covered. And cleaning staff are not forced to clean rooms quickly.

They think of what customers need.

Whether business travelers, couples or families with children, a good hotel is able to figure out what are their common needs. Extra bed or extra ice? Early or late check ins? More privacy? We got you covered. Such things add up to the personality of a hotel, something that guests often rave about. Exceeding their expectation brings lasting impression and goes a long way beyond a simple online review.

They don’t take advantage of guests’ needs.

When we say this, we mean hotel does its work plus extra without charging extra. If guests request for extra towel or wi-fi connection, staff will gladly offer you in a heartbeat, without charging more, which appears opportunistic — like charging a month’s worth of Internet connection for 24 hours of “free” online connectivity.


Good hotels may be not hard to find these days, as premium accommodations offer modern facilities and excellent service. However, they come at price a bit steep for low-budget guests. Cut-throat competition, more discriminating guests and savvy business acumen may have wiped out the old concept of a hotel with characteristics described above. But surely, there are still hotels that puts this esteemed principle above profits.

Once we pinpoint them, let’s return the favor and promote their services. Still, even with increased demand for their hotel rooms once the news is out, they’ll continue to offer the same old wonderful service.