Passengers at Manila airport

Traveling to Asia is at the top of an adventurer’s bucker list. With its beautiful wildlife, rich culture, and breathtaking landscapes, Asia is a top vacation location for many adventurous souls. But, there are some concerns and questions you may feel if you decide to travel to Asia or any other foreign country for that matter. Here I have decided to post some tips for when you travel to this gorgeous continent.

Tip number one: Saving money on your travels.Saving money on your trip to Asia is actually quite simple. Asia is one of the most economical places to visit, but many western travelers end up spending more money than they intended. Overspending in this region has to do with consuming western foods or consuming too much alcohol. To save money try to eat the local foods rather than going to a western restaurant. Also, taking the bus is the cheapest form of transportation.

Tip number two: Don’t take expensive electronics and electrical devices such as laptops. Laptops computers are bulky, which can slow you down and add unnecessary weigh. Besides, while you vacation you should enjoy your time in a new land, trying new things and enjoying yourself, not being 27/7 on the internet.

Tip Number three: Pack light, the last thing you need on your trip to Asia is to have to deal with heavy suitcases and backpacks. Take only necessities such as hygienic items, clothing, and a camera. Packing light also means that less of your items can become lost in the airport terminal.

Passengers at Manila airport
Passengers at Manila airport
Tip Number four: Avoid wearing clothing that is too hot or is made with cotton or denim. Black clothing is very hot; it retains the heat so it is recommended that you opt for light color clothing. Denim can be very heavy to lug around in your backpack and cotton can retain moisture easily.

Tip number five: Don’t be afraid to try new experiences. You know the saying, “when in Rome, do as the Romans.” Well, this saying also applies in Asia. In order for you to enjoy your experience in a new country, you gave to be willing to try new thing and who knows you might enjoy it. Some food in Asia seems farfetched, but if you give it a chance you would have a better understanding of a new culture.

Tip number six: Always tell someone where you are going. Tell your friends or family how long you will be gone and when you are expected back.
I hope these tips help you have a better experience while traveling to Asia.