The hotel rooms that we choose to stay in when out traveling for leisure or on a business trip are infamous for being infected with bacteria and viruses that can make us sick. Even the big hotel chains house these unwelcome guests that are hidden in inconspicuous nooks and corners of a room that is supposed to be like a home away from home.

Here is a list of six spots that you need to watch out for and ensure a healthy stay at the hotel.

  1. Remote Control

TV remote is the hotspot for highly undesirable virus and bacteria for the simple reason that they go from hand to hand. The crevices on the sides of the buttons on the remote are hard to clean and are extremely dirty.

Cover the TV remote with a plastic bag. The signal remains just the way it should and you shield yourself from a lot of germs.

  1. Bedding

The dirty bed sheets, pillow cases, bed throws that deceive you with their decorative looks and cushions are some things that are rarely cleaned. Watch out for these!


  • Before you jump on your bed to steal a nap, check the bed sheets and ensure that they look and smell clean.
  • Remove the decorative throws and cushions.
  1. Bathroom Faucets and Counter

The housekeepers are given adequate equipment to clean the bathroom but there are high chances of cross contamination of the faucets, counters from the bacteria picked up while cleaning some other place.



Bring alcohol wipes with you and use them to wipe down the surfaces that could easily pick up germs.

  1. Coffee Makers

A cup of coffee might wake freshen you up but the coffee maker you get that cup of coffee from is much dirtier than you think it is.


  • If you want a cup of coffee go to a nearby café instead of using the coffee maker.
  • Do not use hotel mugs. If you do, wash them several times before you use them.
  • If you absolutely have to use the machine, run hot water through it a few times to ensure its cleanliness.
  1. Ice Buckets

Ice buckets are another hotspot for contamination.


Instead of going for the ice buckets, get plastic ice bags. You can get one by making a call at the front desk.

  1. Telephones

The telephone in your hotel room has a lot of germs on it. If they are not cleaned properly they can cause a lot of trouble.


Use alcohol wipes to clean the handset, buttons and mouthpiece to sanitize the phone completely before you use it.