Cruise travel is one of the best ways to travel especially if you’re more drawn to sea rather than the air. However, going on a cruise can also  bemore difficult, expensive and has more potential pitfalls compared to flying. If you’re new to cruises, here’s some tips you might want to follow to prevent having slip-ups on your first cruise vacation.

  1. Not pre-booking
    Tours and excursions during peak seasons sell like honey to flies so be sure to grab them as soon as possible or it might get sold out. Pre-booking and signing up for a trip online is a good way to do so. Read the fine print on the contract as some cruise lines offer refunds if you wish to drop from said activity while others don’t.

2. Bringing too much luggage.
The cabins will only have slim cabinets and the space underneath the beds can only fit standard size suitcases and duffel bags. Cruising might be a way for most people to wear their fashion however cabin space is very limited. And remember it is best if you dress appropriately for the weather and always pack comfortable clothes.

ship cruise

3. Not including season when planning
Cruises will always be cheaper in hurricane and rain season. Fares are lower at beginning and end of season when it can get muddy. Off-season cruising offer more privacy and cheaper prices however you won’t get to enjoy the sun and have to get used to the spattering rain on the deck and the rough waves under the boat.

4. Planning flight and cruise schedules too close to each other
Try to have an allowance of at least one day between flying and cruising. If you don’t plan for emergencies and delays, you might find yourself in a hard place. Better to enjoy a night and day of sightseeing and strolling before riding your cruise ship instead of risking being late and getting left behind.

5. Not bringing hygienic and personal toiletries
Unless you’re traveling in luxury, expect to just find a bar of soap and a shampoo dispenser in your cabin bathroom. Some cruise lines may also offer toothbrush, toothpaste and towel but that’s the limit. Any other products will have to be brought by you.

6. Underestimating the expenses
You will be running a bill by the course of your cruise that is with the exception of luxury and high-end, all-inclusive cruise lines. Anything you drink from your mini-fridge, all activities you will participate in and all the services you ask from the crew and other service rendered will be tabulated, listed and added to your bill.