You have probably heard about Tokyo’s dreaded rush-hour subway traffic, with photos and video proof that show attendants pushing passengers into train coaches as it prepares to leave a station. Well, Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has numbers to show how crowded train stations can be as the working population join the pandemonium at many subway lines.

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So which are the busiest train lines in Tokyo?

1. Sobu Main Line (Kinshicho – Ryogoku), 203 percent
2. Yamanote Line outer loop (Ueno – Okachimachi), 201 percent
3. Saikyo Line (Itabashi – Ikebukuro), 200 percent
4. Tozai Line (Kiba – Monzen-Nakacho), 196 percent
5. Keihin-Tohoku Line (Ueno – Okachimachi), 195 percent

Whether we translate it as Tokyo being overly populated or its subway system badly needing a major upgrade, or both, we can think of massive numbers. And can only imagine how technical glitches, no matter how small, can alter the day and disrupt the city’s rather orderly chaos into just plain chaos.