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The hardest jobs are those jobs in the service industry. Airline flight attendants most specially have a more difficult job, having to do their responsibilities at the same time they are required to look presentable, pretty and handsome, while providing excellent customer service projecting the image of their employer airlines.

Here are some of the secrets of the air flight industry as divulged by stewards, stewardesses, pilots and airport staff.

    • Mobile electronic devices won’t really bring an airplane down but they can be really annoying to pilots. The interference from mobile phone picking up cell signals is the main cause of this.
    • When a plane is landing at night, they dim the interior lights in case you need to evacuate upon landing. Your eyes are already adjusted to the darkness so you’ll be able to see better once outside the plane.
    • Check-in staff can put customers in any area they want, if they don’t like their customer, they can in an uncomfortable area. Check-in staff will smile politely as they return your boarding pass and you will never know the hell that awaits you.
    • It’s not common for airport staff to take a passenger’s phone number but this often depends on the staff’s discretion and preference. Normally airport staff are definitely never interested in the passengers romantically.
    • Airport bathroom sex is a real thing. Staff had probably seen someone having sex in the lavatory at least once. Passengers caught were gave them a talking to and then it was over. The airport bathrooms and the airplane bathrooms are really filthy, if they knew, they wouldn’t have done it to begin with.
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  • People don’t know airport staff and even stewards and stewardesses accept tips. Offer them gifts and they are surely appreciated.
  • The first class line at security is an airline thing, not TSA. TSA doesn’t care about economy or other kinds and classes of flights so passengers in other flight just step right up.
  • Airport staff, stewards and stewardesses, even pilots don’t want airport delays either and it may be irritating to them taking the blame that passengers give. The weather and other such conditions cannot be controlled and the airport only wants safety for its passengers.
  • The FAA makes the rules, not your flight crew. Every decision comes from above authority. The flight crew is only responsible for disseminating information and customer service.
  • Blankets and pillows just get refolded and stuffed back in the bins between flights. Fresh blankets and pillows are only available for the originating first flights in the morning in a provisioning city.
  • Being a frequent flyer will not excuse or exempt bad or rude behavior, airport staff and flight crew will note in your account that you’re a problem customer and this will give rude customers a bad record.
  • One of the hardest parts of the job of a flight crew is to move passengers because the passenger next to them is uncomfortable. Most of the flight crew had to move people because of their weight.
  • Friendliness and a great smile is a must for airport jobs especially for the flight crew and front desk attendants. Most of the staff is friendly but don’t think that they are there to make small talk. They also have their responsibilities and too much small talk might prevent them from doing the things they need to be doing.
  • Most airport staff and flight crew would never eat the food they serve. This just says how much they know about the sanitation of airplane and airport food that costs too much.
  • Ever noticed the trays in the airplane feel sticky or such? The trays don’t get cleaned as often as they should. Always bring hand sanitizer or antimicrobial wipes. You’ll never know when the last time it got wiped down.