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Travelling usually takes careful time, saving and preparation for it to be enjoyable without compromising the preparedness of your things. Therefore in order for you to enjoy your trip here are some tips what to do and bring during your long haul travels.

1. Waiting for your connecting flight is pretty exhausting however; it would be nice to have the luxury of time to go through customs, check your bags, change terminals and go through security. All of these things take time so instead of picking a flight that is time-crunched pick one that would enable you to have the luxury to wait in line to go through security.

2. Choose the right airline. Airlines differ not only in prices but also in service therefore, if you are travelling for more than 3 hours, it would be better if you choose an airline that could give you comfort and relaxation during your flight. If you want an honest review about airlines try going tohiomunk to search flights ranked by ‘agony’, the combination of price, flight duration and number of stopovers.

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3. Bring hand sanitizers and antibacterial spray. There will be a time where you won’t have any choice but to snack with your hands so be sure they’re clean. In addition to this, try and clean your utensils before using it.

4. Toothbrush is essential especially when travelling. You don’t want to a bad breath during long hours of flight. You may also want to keep your mouth clean and fresh from all the snacks that you ate on the plane.

5. Stay hydrated. In order to be at the peak of your health when travelling stay hydrated to avoid feeling sick after arriving.

6. Skins get dry when exposed to extreme temperature like aircondition therefore you can try having a portable humidifier with you to prevent your skin from drying.

7. Alcohols are fun until you get hangovers it is also not fun when you’re on an airplane flying thousands of feet from the ground. Due to high pressure of the cabin, you can be dehydrated significantly during your flight.

8. Wear comfortable clothes. The cabin is very cold so you don’t want to wear a tank top and shorts if you don’t want to freeze. Also, during long flights, you might want to sleep in so make sure that you are comfortable and warm in the clothes that you will be wearing.

9. If you want to have a more hustle free travel, travel on ‘off days’ where people like business people or tourist are not going anywhere. It also means that there would probably more seat to choose from.

10. Freshen up before arriving to your destination by having a handy travel towel with you on the airplane. Wipe yourself every few hours to stay fresh even after hours of staying airbourne.

11. Adjust your clothing depending on the temperature. Wear layers so you can add or subtract your clothing depending on the temperature of the place.

12. Travel blankets. Not all airline have blankets with them so it would be handy if you could have one with you at during your flight.

13. Do something besides sleep or sit on the chair. Stand up, walk around, read, and occupy yourself while on the plane. You can try and bring with you a crossword puzzle to engage your brain or if you are a workaholic, you can try and catch up on some work while you are on board.

14. Organize your cable wires for your gadgets so you don’t have to solve a puzzle to get your headset or charger. Put them in a small bag and put them in neatly so you can have easy access to them later on.

15. Make sure you are well rested. For people who are busy with work, sleep might be elusive to you and you might say that you could probably have a good sleep on the plane but no. Most of the time, sleeping on a plane is a little bit of a headache considering you are not lying horizontally, you are cramped in space and just plain uncomfortable.