Traveling not only brings us wonderful memories, it also teaches is nuggets of knowledge every now and then. Not only about life, but about travel as well. It teaches us how to be creative and innovative.

Here are some of the travel hacks we’ve been using in the past. We hope you find them useful.

  1. Don’t have enough power outlets or forgot to secure an AC socket adaptor? You can charge your smartphone using the USB port in your hotel room television unit.
  2. Got extra coins at the end of your trip? Since money changers generally don’t accept them in exchange of your home country currency, you may use them to buy meal at the airport. Or keep it for souvenir.
  3. Take a photo of your important documents like passports, visas or airline tickets. This makes it easier for authorities to verify your identity or your embassy to follow up in case these documents get lost or stolen.
  4. Spare your luggage allowance with space for your souvenirs or items you buy during your trip. Otherwise, you may pay extra luggage fee or leave items behind.
  5. Call your credit card company informing of your travel so it doesn’t get flagged for suspicious activity abroad and your transactions get declined.
  6. Bring an empty bottle and refill it once you get past the security checks, to save yourself from expensive merchandise at the airport terminal.
  7. Twenty minutes before arrival, pay the airplane washroom a visit so you can directly go to the airport immigration, customs and claim your luggage instead of following a long line at airport toilet.
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  8. Always have your black pen handy to fill out immigration cards and other required forms at the airport.
  9. Rolling your clothes instead of folding them takes less space in your luggage.
  10. To use Google Maps for offline access, type in “ok maps” on your selected area and it will be saved so you can access it later even without data
  11. If you are deciding between similar flights, and one has Boeing 767, pick that one as its cabin layout has fewer of the dreaded middle seats.
  12. Take local currency through ATM instead of exchanging your home currency with money changers, many of whom offer onerous rates disadvantageous to travelers.
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  13. To save money, head to a local grocer or supermarket to buy necessities such as water or snacks instead of getting them from hotel’s restaurants.
  14. Landmarks labeled as off the beaten path and pubs featured as popular on guidebooks are expected to gather the crowd. Those places you have researched but failed to show up in the guidebooks could be considered as your first options to visit.